Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 10...~Brownies~

Brownies...First time heard about it...So fish!! Hehe!!

I have tried my friend's homemade Brownies..It is tasty and I decided to make it my own..I got the recipe from internet..It is dangerous because some recipes from internet are not so accurate..Anyway, I still want to try..Hehe!!

The method is quite easy..First baked is failed because the baking time is not enough..I baked it 25 minutes at 170 degree Celsius but it is still in liquid form..Then I re-baked it another 15 minutes..As a result, it became hangus..For another two boxes, I baked for 35 minutes at 150 degree Celsius..Their outlook came out are nice..Hehe!!

My homemade Brownies is more likely as cake instead of Brownies (Jimmy's comment)..Hehe!! Anyway, he commented it is tasty also..Haha!! He commented also try to put hazelnut instead of walnut in next time because walnut is quite oily compared to hazelnut..Hehe!!

Thanks for trying my homemade Brownies and your opinion ah!!

Ingredients to make Brownies

Before bake

Walnut over mixture

After baked