Saturday, November 21, 2009

Surprise Birthday Party @ My Point...

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! It is so surprising for me..Jimmy had organized a birthday party for me at My Point..

He reached my house while I am beating cream cheese (I am making Tiramisu)..I rushed to go out for lunch since he said that he is hungry..So I just put away my half-made Tiramisu..I went out with untidy hair and "cincai" wear because I have not enough time to get ready..Some more, I don't know there is a "surprise" awaiting for me..Hehe!!

After reached My Point, I saw Ying Ying, Mangga and Mei are there..I was so surprised because Ying Ying told me that they will have appointment for facial today..But why they are here?? First came to my mind - Jimmy gang up with them to give me a surprise birthday celebration..Hehe!! Jimmy is so naughty..

After chit chat for awhile, there are still surprises coming..Hehe!! My colleague Pang Huei, Eric and his wife Pui Ling also came for my birthday party..Hehe!! I am so happy and unexpected..I could not anticipate Jimmy had planned all this..I am so touched of what he had done for me..After finished our lunch, waitress came with a chocolate cake..It is another surprise..Hehe!! Secret Recipe Chocolate Indulgence cake with one candle..Hehe!!

They all sang a birthday song for me..Hehe!! I blew off the candle quickly until I forgot to make a wish..They could not stop me because my action is super fast..Haiz, I was too excited and happy until I didn't know what I am doing..Hehe!! After that, we enjoyed the Chocolate Indulgence..It is a nice cake..Just melted abit because the freezer is not good enough..Hehe!!

Again, thanks to you all for attending my birthday party.. :) I like the presents from you all..Thanks!!

For my lovely Jimmy, thanks for giving me a surprising birthday party..I am so touched, thankful and happy..It is so enjoyable and memorable..Thanks for your well planning to let this mini birthday party successfully done..Thanks for your cake and everything..HeHe!! It is a big present for me on my 25th Birthday..:)

~You always light up my life and make me happy~ :) I am forever grateful for each thing you did for me..

My Lovely Jimmy

Best Friends...

Colleagues & Jimmy

Secret Recipe - Chocolate Indulgence cake from Jimmy

Lantern Candle from Pang Huei

Sweater from best friends


  1. wow, so sweet ya!
    Glad that i m in the pic ya, wahaha....

  2. Hehe..Ya, it is really sweet and touch..Thanks ya!!
    Of course I will put your picture la..Hehe!!