Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nissin Speedlite Di622..

Early of the month, we went to Poon's Photo to look for external flash..However, the flash that we are seeking is out of stock for almost 2 months..Last week I called Mr.Poon and he told me that they have stock..I am quite excited..Hehe..

Today Jimmy and I went to Poon's Photo to look for the flash..It is Nissin Speedlite Di622..This flash is developed with the latest TTL (Through The Lens) flash control technology..It can work automatically with i-TTL auto-flash system..Besides, Di622 has a wireless remote flash system as a slave unit..Di622 synchronizes to TTL flash produced by the master flash which are either Camera's built-in flash, Di622 or camera manufacturers' original flash on the camera..

We have tired on the spot and we experienced the significant difference between an external flash and the built-in flash..We are quite satisfy with the result..Finally, we bough it with a reasonable price..:)

I will upload some photos at my abbie-graphy after I try Di622..To my readers, please be patient oh..Hehe..

Nissin Speedlite Di622

Light Diffusing Panel & Fill-in Reflector

Control Panel


  1. wah.... just got increament then bought a flash already....
    good good....

  2. Koh: I have planned to buy this..Just they have no stock at that moment..Somemore, I still not yet receive my increment letter la..You have gotten it? Must be a good deal la..Hehe..

  3. Koh,
    We must reward ourself after a year of hard work. Spend a little to rejuvenate ourself to walk a longer path. :)

  4. Abbie... looking forward to see more fantastic shots....

    Jimmy... where is your flash???

  5. Koh: Yeah, will upload soon..:)