Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 19...~Chocolate Indulgence~

My first time to try Secret Recipe - Chocolate Indulgence is during my birthday celebration..It is so delicious and I like to chocolate much..Hehe!! Today I decided to make my homemade Chocolate Indulgence..Hehe!! This is my first time to make continental cake which is originated in Europe..

After bought all the ingredients, I started my cooking journey..Hehe!! Firstly, I need to prepare a sponge cake..It is easy to make because I have bought an all-in-one flour (highly recommended by the cake shop's boss)..I just need to add on eggs and water and beat them all together will do..Hehe!!

While baking the sponge cake, I prepared the chocolate cream..After sponge cake is ready, I cut it into 4 layers..I have placed one layer of cake onto the cake board and spread some of the chocolate cream onto the cake..Then I did the same procedure for the remaining..

After that, I covered the whole cake with a thin layer of the whipped cream..This step is quite hard for me..Hehe!! I could not cover the cake with whipped cream nicely and evenly..Hehe!! However, I still try to make it..Hehe!! Then I have kept the cake into fridge for 2 hours..Meanwhile, I started to prepare the chocolate glazing..Hehe!!

Finally it is the time to pour the chocolate glazing..Hehe!! I was so excited because it is the step that I worried much..Hehe!! I poured the chocolate glazing over the cake and try to coat it evenly..It is quite hard because the white whipped cream easily mix with the chocolate glazing if I coat it overly..So I need to be extra careful for this..Hehe!! The chocolate glazing is pouring itself all over the cake from the top to the bottom..Hehe!! Then I kept into fridge again..Hehe!!

I have tried my homemade Chocolate Indulgence..It is nice..I like the chocolate very much!! Hehe!! Some marks deducted because the third and forth layer of cakes are quite hard if compared to the top 2 layers..The top layer is very smooth..Hehe!! I am quite happy and satisfied with my homemade chocolate Indulgence..Hehe!! Yahooh, mission which I considered hard finally done successfully..Hehe!!

The ingredients for making sponge cake

Sponge cake

The ingredients for making Chocolate Cream

Chocolate Cream

Chocolate cream spread onto the cake

Whipped cream over the cake

The ingredients for making of Chocolate Glazing

Chocolate Glazing poured over the cake

My homemade Chocolate Indulgence

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