Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 6...~Almond Crunch~

This time I am challenging to bake cookies again...Hehe!!

Almond Crunch...Result? Success!! Yahooh!!

Lesson learn from my last mission is it should read recipe carefully...Thus this time I remembered to use caster sugar and shape the mixture into balls...Hehe!!

After mixture is ready, it is required to divide the mixture into 10g each and shape into balls...It is just likes the step we make the "Tang Yuan"...There is a step to wash surface of the balls with egg...I like this step very much...It is very funny!!! Hehe!!!

For the first bake, I took it as a trial...So I just put a few of it...It is because I would like to test the baking temperature and time according the recipe if it is suitable for my homemade cookies...It is required to bake at 170°C for 20 minutes...The result of first round baking is my cookies are overcooked...They are almost "hangus" and the color turned black instead of orange-yellowish...I think my oven is one of the root cause also...It is old version and I suspected the flow of heat is not balance...

Luckily, I just baked few...:)
I tried to change the baking temperature to 150°C and baking time to 15 minutes...Came out a plate of shiny orange-yellowish Almond Crunch...Yeah!!! It was successful...Hehehe!!! The taste of cookies is nice and the sweetness level is good enough...One thing is failed - the almond is too soft instead of crisp...It is because I have used raw almond...Jimmy commented that it should use cooked almond...

Thus, lesson learn from the making of Almond Crunch - it should use cooked almond to make the almond crisp after baked...

Ingredients for the making of Almond Crunch

First round baking - Trial

"Hangus" cookies

Second round baking

Orange-yellowish Homemade Almond Crunch


  1. Nice and beautiful...very tasty also. Yummy yummy yummy....

  2. Haha..It is really tasty because I could see your face when you tasted it..Haha!! Thanks ya!!