Thursday, January 7, 2010

Side Walk Ice Cream...

Yesterday, we went to Aberdeen to have dinner..Unfortunately, their set dinner time was over..Then we moved to My Point..Unlucky, it was closed..Finally, we changed our mind to Side Walk Ice Cream..Hehe!! This is our 4th times to visit Side Walk Ice Cream House..Hehe!! This time I remembered to take down the name of ice cream and photos..Hehe!!

I have ordered Chicken Chop as my dinner and Banana Boat as dessert while Jimmy ordered Merry Carnival..Hehe!! Frankly, I like Banana Boat very much..We have been here for 4 times and I have taken Banana Boat for 3 times..Hehe!! Jimmy chose Rum & Raisin and Lemon Sherbet for his ice cream flavors whereas I chose Chocolate Ripple Mint, Sweet Corn and Pistachio..Unfortunately, the waitress made a mistake..She gave me Lemon Sherbet instead of Pistachio..Anyway, it is a nice try..Hehe!! For the chicken chop, it is yummy and the sauce is rich of mushroom taste..Hehe!!

Chicken Chop - RM10

Merry Carnival - RM5.60

Banana Boat - RM6.90


  1. Possibly one of the oldest ice-cream outlet in Ipoh, and definitely the best.
    There's one Marco Polo in Ipoh Garden East which makes their own ice-cream, but sadly they're closed down now.

  2. Yes, I like it very much too..Thanks for your comment in my blog..Hehe!!