Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Present Exchange Party @ Olivenz Cafe

Last Thursday we had a Christmas Present Exchange Party at Olivenz Cafe..It was an enjoyable dinner and we had a lot of fun!! HeHe!!

It is my first time to eat at here..The environment is nice and relax..The decorations of Christmas Festival are simple and yet pretty nice..Hehe!! For the service, the waiter and waitress are ready for help..Overall, it is a good try..Hehe!!

For the dinner, I took red wine chicken chop (RM13.90) and Jimmy had a Salmon kebab (RM17.80)..The food is served with some vege and french fries..For the red wine chicken, it is nice but lack of red wine taste..Hehe!! Jimmy commented that the Salmon kebab is quite nice and the smoked sauce is yummy!! Just the food is served with small portion..For those who have a big appetitte, they sure have to order some snack after Salmon kebab..Hehe!! If I have chance to visit this cafe again, I will try "Peppy Swiss Chicken"..Hehe..

After that, we chose ice cream as our dessert..Hehe!! We took Nutty Crunch(RM8.90)..The name is quite funny..Hehe!! When Nutty Crunch is served, all of us were attracted by its outlook..It is very nice and looks delicious!! It is surrounded by M&M candy and biscuits..The 2 scoops ice creams are bigger than normal..Hehe!!

After eat, we started our present exchange game..Hehe!! It is really unbelievable because most of us are getting the gift from the same person as last year..Hehe!! I got a cutie cake shaped towel and Jimmy was so LUCKY..Hehe!! He got "The Best Christmas Gift of 2009"..Guess what? It is toothbrushes from our "Tai Wong Tai Hou" - SY..Haha!!

We did have a lot of fun and enjoyed much..Hehe!! It is a great and wonderful Christmas Party..

~Merry Christmas & Happy New Year~

Red Wine Chicken Chop

Salmon Kebab

Nutty Crunch


Presents Before Exchange

Presents After Exchange

Happy Moment..


  1. hey dear, food nice or not? where is it?

  2. Hi, the food nice ah..Hehe!!
    Behind of the Yeolde English at Ipoh Garden East there..Have a try la!!