Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ De Garden Ipoh..

Today Jimmy brought me to have a movie..Hehe..It had been awhile since our last movie which is "Wolfman"..We are early birds so we could buy cheaper tickets (RM8 per person)..We chose normal show of "The Last Airbender"..What is the meaning of "normal show"? Hehe..That's movie without 3D..For this movie, we felt that it is not worth if we take 3D show because the 3D effects are not powerful..:)

Then we walked to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng to have our lunch..Finally we visited this "infamous" place..Hehe..This restaurant provides Hong Kong famous cuisine..Nowadays, this kind of restaurants are famous in Malaysia..Just like Boston, Kim Gary and so on..

When we entered the restaurant, there is a waiter served us for the table which Boston does not have this kind of service..However, my friend's experience was bad during their visit at night time previously..I think maybe there is a lot of visitors at night time..They are lack of man power so they cannot cover thoroughly..In my opinion, that is not an excuse because as a franchise, the waiter or waitress should have experience enough to handle this kind of cases..

After the waiter wiped the table, we still felt uncomfortable as the table was wet..The waiter ignored it and he just put the menu on it..I felt that it is disgusting and I tried to wipe myself..Before we sit down, actually we saw the 2 tables beside us are dirty..After we ordered, the 2 tables still remain the same condition..Jimmy commented that they are really slow motion..Overall, the decoration of the restaurant is quite good and special..Both of us like it because it gave us a comfortable feel..Although it is noon time, we did not feel warm at all..The air flow is very good if compared to Boston..

After looked through the menu, Jimmy ordered Hong Kong Style Fried Spaghetti with Pork (RM9.50) and I took Mediterranean Style Curry Udon with Fish (RM10.90)..For the drinks, we ordered Hong Kong Coffee (RM2.80) and Silk Stockings Milk Tea (RM2.80)..The price of the food is a bit cheaper than Boston..Nevertheless, we felt that it is still expensive because those food have been commercialized by this kind of restaurants..

Our drinks were served first..The drinks are not fully filled (refer to the photo below)..Maybe it is "Hong Kong style"..The straw is quite "special" which is very thin..Then, our food served..The taste of Hong Kong Style Fried Spaghetti with Pork is quite salty...Jimmy could not accept it..For my Mediterranean Style Curry Udon with Fish, the soup is very green-yellowish..Totally different with local curry mee..

Overall, the taste of food is normal and yet acceptable..Hehe..After paid the bill, we did not check the bill and left..Luckily just few steps away from the restaurant, I went through the bill..They did not cancel one of our order which had sold out..The waiter just canceled our order manually and did not key into system..Thus the cashier counted it in our bill..We returned and told the cashier..She apologized and treated us politely..

This "infamous" place is collecting 10% service charge which is same as Boston..Again, we will only visit here once in a blue moon..Hehe..Personally, both of us more prefer Aberdeen than these 2 Hong Kong style restaurants..Aberdeen is far superior in terms of food and service if compared to these 2 restaurants..:)

Thanks to Jimmy for the photos..:)


Hong Kong Coffee and Silk Stockings Milk Tea

Hong Kong Style Fried Spaghetti with Pork

Mediterranean Style Curry Udon with Fish

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