Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day @ 2010

Valentine's Day is same day as The First Day of Chinese New Year on this year 2010..I heard from my friends that this phenomenon will only happen 57 years once..We are so lucky because we have this opportunity to observe this special date..Hehe!!

Jimmy brought me to have dinner at McD to celebrate our 1st Valentine's Day..Hehe!! He put a present on the table when I went to toilet..Hehe!! He is so naughty..Hehe!!

He gave me a platinum necklace and heart-shaped pendant with a Diamond from Poh Kong..Hehe!! It is really nice..I like it very much!!

Jimmy, thanks for your present..I am really appreciating it.. :-)

Valentine's Present

Platinum Necklace & Pendant with Diamond


  1. Actually, there is a small little tiny diamond in the pendant. I know it's too small till can't really see it. I will buy you bigger 1 next time. Hahaha...

  2. Hahaha..I can see it..Don't worry..It is really nice and I like it very very much!! Thanks for the present ah!! Hehe..