Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Precious Black Mooncake

Baker's Cottage put out a new mooncake for this year - Precious Black Mooncake..

It is quite famous and sold out in Kinta City Ipoh when I went to get it..Hehe..So happy that Jimmy bought me one today..Hehe!! Thanks ya!! The Precious Black is really blacky and I like this name much..Hehe!! Why? Because...nice and sweet!! Hehe!!

The ingredients included lotus seed, dried longan, charcoal powder and so on..I just know that charcoal can help to treat stomach pain caused by excess gas, diarrhea, or indigestion from Jimmy..Hehe!! I got some info from internet too..Hehe!!

Finally I tried the Precious Black..It is quite tasty and the sweet taste is just enough for me..Hehe!! My lovely BB like it very much too..Hehe!!

Precious Black Mooncake


Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 15...~White Chocolate Cheese Cake~

Last Monday I have made White Chocolate Cheese Cake..Hehe!!

The making procedures are almost same as others cheese cakes which I have made before..The only difference is I used the method of bake in water bath for this time..Hehe!! Not as hard as I have thought..

The taste is nice but for me, it is quite sweety..Hehe!! The white chocolate which recommended by cake shop's boss is worth in quality and price because the white chocolate is really smooth after bake..The boss is quite honest to me..Hehe!! I am so happy because some of my colleagues commented that my home-made cheese cake is nice..Hehe!! Yeah!!

Mission Successful!!

White Chocolate Cheese Cake

"Love-Love" as topping..

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Special Fried Rice...

Today I had a special lunch with Jimmy..He gave his First Time to me..Hahaha!! Is his first time to cook for me..Hehe!! Yeah!! I am so happy and warm..

He cooked Fried Rice with chicken sausage, ham, egg and "fish biscuit"..The taste is nice..Hehe!! Thanks ya..

"Love-heart" Fried Rice

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 14...~Portuguese Tart~

I would like to make Portuguese Tart for long time..Just I don't have the tart mould and I quite lazy to buy..Hehe!! Finally I bought 5 and costs RM1.20 each..Quite reasonable price..Hehe!!

Supposed I would like to make 10 Portuguese Tart..Unfortunately, the cake shop's boss gave me 50g of UHT whipping cream instead of 100g..Finally I could only make 5..For the pastry, I bought it from cake shop..Hehe..I will try to make the pastry next time..Hehe!! For the fillings, it is easy to make..

Finally, my Portuguese Tart is done.. The outlook is looks like those sell at cake shop..Hehe!! For the taste...Hehe!! It is still need to be improved..

Some of my friends commented that it is less sweet..If more sweet, it is more nice..Hehe!! I will try to add more sugar next time..I have received an idea from Jimmy which is paste some fruits jam above the fillings, it is more nice.. Hehe!! Thanks for the idea..

Portuguese Tart

"Look" Delicious

Monday, September 14, 2009

Big Big Surprise ~ PC Set ~

It is an ordinary Saturday..Jimmy came to find me with a new hair look..Hehe!! He delivered pizza to my home as our lunch!! Hehe!! So sweet..

After he passed me the pizza, Jimmy went back to his car and took out one CPU..I was shocked and said loudly that I did not have monitor and keyboard..Then, he went back to his car again and came with a LCD..This time I really got a greatly shock..I keep saying that I don't want this to him..

After put down the things, we had our lunch..Hehe!! This is our first time to have pizza together..After finished, we started to set up our new set of pc..Hehe!! Jimmy told me that the he bought the second-hand CPU from his friend - James..For the LCD, speaker, mouse and keyboard, they are brand new..

I am really appreciating and grateful on what Jimmy have done to me..Jimmy, thanks so much!! :)


PC from Jimmy..

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 13...~Crystal Mooncake~...Trial

Two weeks later will be the "Moon-cake Festival"..Hehe!!

I have planned to make moon-cake for him..Hehe!! But I do not know how to make the traditional moon-cake..
So how am I going to do?? Hehe!! I planned to make Crystal Moon-cake aka Agar-Agar Moon-cake..I searched some info from internet..There is quite complicated for the making steps..Hehe!! However, I would like to have a try..Hehe!!

Mum and I had a try few days ago..But we are failed..This time I would try by myself..Hehe!! Firstly, I boiled water..Then I poured agar-agar powder and sugar..When it is boiled, I turned the fire into small heat..At the same time, I started to make the fillings..I made Milo flavor and Coffee flavor for the fillings..After the fillings are fully become jelly, I took it out from the mould to ready-use.

Next I made the top pastry..I poured some agar-agar into mould (about 1/3) and wait for it to freeze at the first layer ..This step is quite important because if the top pastry is fully become jelly, the bottom pastry will unable to "paste" with the top skin..As the result, there will be 3 different layers of moon-cake..After that, I filled the mould with agar-agar and wait for it to freeze..When it is fully become jelly, I put into fridge for ready-eat..Hehe!!

My homemade Crystal Moon-Cakes look yummy but lack of sugar taste..Hehe!! Anyway, it is my trial..I will make it better in the next..I am quite satisfied with my result..Hehe!!

Milo Fillings

Moon-cake Fillings

First Layer and Fillings

Squared Crystal Moon-Cake

Rounded Crystal Moon-Cake



Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 12...~First Time In Kitchen~

Almost one month did not update here..Hehe!!

Anyway, I am back!! Hehe!!
My First Time In Kitchen..Really exciting,full of funnies and scares..Haha!!

Before cook, I have prepared all the ingredients the night before. For the drumsticks, it is quite hard for me to touch when it is raw. Hehe!! I felt quite geli..However, I marinated the drumsticks in soy sauce for overnight.

Firstly, I cooked vegetables. I did not know how to control the heat so the wok is overheated. Once I put the garlic, they are burnt. I was quite panic and called mum immediately. I heard SOMEONE is laughing nonstop at the same time. Meanwhile, I put the drumsticks into oven. It is quite easy to make it. Hehe!! Then, I cooked the egg with prawn.

Finally, 3 dishes and rice are prepared within one hour. Hehe!! Luckily I did not make him to wait for so long. Hehe!! For my own opinion, all dishes are able to put into mouth. Hehe!! They are well done. Hehe!!

Cooking in kitchen is quite difficult for me. I do not know many skills. Anyway, I will learn it hardly before promotion. Hehe!! Will you be my white mouse? Hehe!!

~Mission considered DONE!!~


Roasted Drumsticks

Egg Cooked Prawn

Vege~A bit Burnt