Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wai Mei's Birthday Celebration @ Greentown Olivenz Cafe

There is a birthday celebration for Wai Mei (Our Jiong Moon) at Greentown Olivenz Cafe last Saturday..Hehe!! I am so blur until I went to wrong place..I went to Ipoh Garden East Olivenz Cafe..Haiz..Really "fish"..Hehe!!

After confirmed with Ying Ying, I met up them at Greentown Olivenz Cafe..Hehe..It is new opening..The menu is new and nicer compared to that of Ipoh Garden East..Hehe!! Wai Mei took Chicken Alio Alio - Spaghetti & Fresh Apple Juice (RM5.90), Mangga ordered Pomodoro Seafood Spaghetti & Hot Green Tea (RM4.90), Ying Ying chose Home Club Sandwich & Hot Jasmine Tea (RM4.90) and I took Peppy Swiss Chicken & Hot Milo (RM4.90)..

Overall, the food are delicious and they served in a nice outlook..Hehe!! There is a little comment here..Just for Ying Ying's hot jasmine tea, she commented it is no taste at all..Just like plain water..Hehe!! The service here is really good..The waitress and waiters are ready for help and friendly..There is NO service charge and government tax at all..Hehe!! It is really a best try at here..We paid a small token for the bill because of their good services..Hehe!! They should get it because they are putting customer as priority instead of doing business..

After dinner, we are chit-chatting with each other..Hehe!! Just like those friends who didn't meet for long time..Hehe!! After that, we sang a birthday song to Wai Mei with an American Brownies..Hehe!! The cake is nice and fresh which bought by Ying Ying at Deli-Garden..Hehe!!

Chicken Alio Alio - RM10.90

Pomodoro Seafood Spaghetti - RM11.90

Peppy Swiss Chicken - RM13.90

Home Club Sandwich - RM9.80

Happy Birthday To Wai Mei!!

Greentown Moven Peak...

Last Saturday Jimmy and I went to Greentown Moven Peak to have our lunch..Hehe!! I like this restaurant much..The environment of this restaurant quite nice..Giving me a nice and relax feelings at here..Hehe!!

We took a table which is same as the one we sat at the first time visit..Hehe!! After look through the menu, Jimmy ordered a set lunch (RM10.90) which included the soup of the day, seafood fried rice, coffee and ice cream..And I chose Vermicelli Chicken Ginger Soup (RM7) and warm water (RM0.50)..

After 15 minutes, our meals are served..The food is more than enough for one person..Hehe!!It is really worth..Hehe!! In my opinion, the food is nice and acceptable..Hehe!! It is a good try at here..There are 5 % service charge and 5 % government tax for the bill..Frankly, I am disagree for those restaurants which collect service charge and government tax..Unless their service is really good..Hehe!!

Chinese New Year's Decorations..

Soup of the day..

Seafood Fried Rice..

Vanilla Ice Cream..

Vermicelli Chicken Ginger Soup

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Homemade Soap...Present From Shawn...

Last Monday I saw there is a little present on my table when I back to my cube..I thought there is "someone" again..Hehe!! After read the email, I just knew that this little present is sent by my colleague - Shawn..Hehe!!

This is a hand-made soap from her..She told me that she have paid to attend a course which is teaching how to made soap..This soap is totally different from those which are selling at the supermarket..It has NO surfactants, NO artificial colouring, NO fragrance oil, NO preservative and NO harsh nor petroleum based chemical..Hehe!!

It is totally an organic based soap..Hehe!! The main 3 ingredients for making this soap are Purple Gromwell Root Powder, Jojoba Oil and Sweet Orange Essential Oil..Shawn told me that remember to put this soap on a soap container that have holes at the bottom..It is because we must drain out the water to avoid the soap get softer as it does not have any chemical material to make it hard..If not, it will a waste..Hehe..

I have not yet try because it is too cute and nice..Somemore, my name is "engraved" over there..Hehe!! I will update here once I try..Hehe!!

Shawn - Thanks for your little present..Hehe!! You have given me a lot of information about soap..Hehe!!

Hand-made Soap

Ingredients for making soap..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chatter Corner @ Yik Foong Shopping Complex

Today Jimmy and I went to Yik Foong to have a walk..Hehe!! A shopping complex which I rarely visit..Hehe!! After walk, we decided to have our lunch at Chatter Corner - Jimmy's friend's cafe..

A paper and menu is served for us..We need to write down what we would like to order..Then waitress will take the order..I have taken Mini Polo Bau(RM1.60), Kaya Butter Toast(RM1.80) and White Coffee Ice(RM1.80)..Whereas Jimmy took "Wat Tan Ho aka Smooth Egg River"(RM5.90) and White Coffee Ice..

The Mini Polo Bau is unexpectedly mini..Hehe!! But it is quite special and tasty..For the Kaya Butter Toast, it has 4 pieces..In my opinion, it is nicer than that of a famous kopitiam in Ipoh..Hehe!! The butter is pasted evenly over the bread compared to those famous kopitiam which just has a mini butter stick..And the Wat Tan Ho, Jimmy commented that it is nice..Hehe!!

If have chance, I will visit Chatter Corner again..Hehe!!

Mini Polo Bau

Kaya Butter Toast

Wat Tan Ho - Smooth Egg River

White Coffee Ice

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Last Thursday Jimmy and I went to Lee's to have dinner..It is a western food and chinese food restaurant..A menu is served..The restaurant is clean and a lot of choices of food and drinks..Hehe!! It is a good recommendation for a family to have a cheaper western food at here..

A friendly young waiter took our order..Jimmy ordered Pork Chop Rice(RM5.80) and I took Chicken Chop Rice(RM5.80)..We would like to take set meal..However, he told us that all the set meal are not available at the moment..For our drinks, I ordered White Coffee Ice and Jimmy took Chinese Herbal Tea Ice..Both are RM1.50..

For the food, it is nice in my opinion.. :) The price is reasonable and worth to have a try here..Hehe!! I will bring my family to visit here again..Hehe!!

Food pictures..



Pork Chop Rice

Chicken Chop Rice

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weng Kee Seafood Restaurant

Last Tuesday Jimmy brought me to have dinner at Weng Kee Seafood Restaurant which located at Ipoh Garden South (same row with RHB Bank)..His trainee recommends this restaurant to him..Hehe!!

This restaurant is established since 1980..There is a huge picture of introduction of Weng Kee and Chef's food recommendation..Overall, the restaurant is clean and nice..The waiters and waitress are friendly and ready for help..Hehe!!

We ordered 3 dishes which are Taufu, Brocolli with scallop and Fish..We took one pot of chinese tea as our drink..In my opinion, the dishes are nice and tasty..What we have ordered is too much for 2 person..Hehe!! It should be a meal for 3 or 4 person..Finally, we finished taufu and vege..For the fish, we took away..Hehe!!

Total for the meal is RM50.30 including dishes, rice, towel, tea and ice cubes..

Weng Kee Seafood Restaurant..

Chinese Tea..


Brocolli with Scallop..

Butter-Fried Fish Fillet..

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kim Bali Restaurant...

Yesterday mum treated family to have a dinner at Kim Bali Restaurant..We have visited here last month..The food are quite nice and tasty..So we chose here again!! Hehe!!

This time I'll be the one who ordered..Hehe!! The boss is friendly and recommended some dishes for us..A plate of tit-bits was served before dinner..Overall, we have taken 6 dishes..5 out of 6 dishes are originated from different country..They are Malaysia Curry Fish Head, Jawa's Lemon Grass Chicken, Vietnamese Tau Yew Bak, Nostalgia Grab Meat Bean Curd, Stir Baby Chinese Kale and Butter Squid in HK style..

The Vietnamese Tau Yew Bak is tasty and all of us is giving a good comment on it..Hehe!! Total cost for 6 person dinner is RM142.20..Including rice, tea, ice cube(large), tit-bits and towel..It is quite reasonable..Hehe!!

I think we will visit here again..Hehe!!

Jawa's Lemon Grass Chicken - RM26.80

Malaysia Curry Fish Head - RM39.80

Stir Baby Chinese Kale In HK Style - RM9.80

Vietnamese Tau Yew Bak - RM11.80

Nostalgia Grab Meat Bean Curd - RM14.80

Butter Squid In HK Style - RM16.80

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Four Rings - Courtship Ring...

Courtship Ring is the first ring of The Four Rings in life..

I have my first courtship ring on a very special date..It is 09.09.09..Unfortunately, I have lost it after three months because of my careless..I am very sad and sorry..The lesson learned from this matter is I should treasure everything in my life before it is too late..

The ring will be stayed in my memory forever..:) Jimmy, thanks for sending me a courtship ring....................................The 2nd


Courtship Ring..

Side Walk Ice Cream...

Yesterday, we went to Aberdeen to have dinner..Unfortunately, their set dinner time was over..Then we moved to My Point..Unlucky, it was closed..Finally, we changed our mind to Side Walk Ice Cream..Hehe!! This is our 4th times to visit Side Walk Ice Cream House..Hehe!! This time I remembered to take down the name of ice cream and photos..Hehe!!

I have ordered Chicken Chop as my dinner and Banana Boat as dessert while Jimmy ordered Merry Carnival..Hehe!! Frankly, I like Banana Boat very much..We have been here for 4 times and I have taken Banana Boat for 3 times..Hehe!! Jimmy chose Rum & Raisin and Lemon Sherbet for his ice cream flavors whereas I chose Chocolate Ripple Mint, Sweet Corn and Pistachio..Unfortunately, the waitress made a mistake..She gave me Lemon Sherbet instead of Pistachio..Anyway, it is a nice try..Hehe!! For the chicken chop, it is yummy and the sauce is rich of mushroom taste..Hehe!!

Chicken Chop - RM10

Merry Carnival - RM5.60

Banana Boat - RM6.90