Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 26...~Abbie-Licious Special Cupcakes~

Last Saturday I decided to make cupcakes for my best friends..Especially for Ngan Mei as all of my best friends will celebrate her birthday on the next day..Unfortunately, I could not attend the birthday party as my relatives will visit my family on the same day..I hope that they like my homemade cupcakes..Hehe..

I used all-in-one vanilla sponge cake flour for my cupcakes..I put a slice of banana as the topping..Besides, I decorated with melted chocolate as topping too..I tried to bake 3 cupcakes for the first trial..I put them into oven for 10 minutes and took out..At this moment, I added the banana sliced on top of the cupcakes and bake again..The outlook is really nice and yummy..

For the second bake, I tried to add the banana sliced with the mixture before bake at all..I quite disappointed because the banana sliced had been covered by the cupcakes after baked..No more banana sliced as topping for my second bake..:(

For the rest, I practiced as my first trial..Hehe..All had been successfully baked..Total I had baked 23 cupcakes..I have tried my homemade cupcakes..It is really soft, nice and delicious..Hehe..I was so satisfied with my result..Hehe..

Mission Successfully Done!!!

Ingredients For Making Cupcakes


First Trial

After 10 Minutes Baked

Banana Sliced As Topping

Second Baked

Banana Sliced Had Been Covered

Final Baked


Happy Birthday

Abbie-Licious Special Cupcakes


Soft & Delicious

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