Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Point Cafe & Go Kart Sunway Ipoh

Yesterday Jimmy and I brought Daniel to have lunch at My Point Cafe..We took our lunch quite late..Hehe..It is around 3pm..It is my fourth time to visit here..Their business is really good because it is always full house..Hehe!! The cafe is slightly dark and blue..It is giving me a feeling of sea..Hehe!!

Jimmy took set lunch of Spaghetti Turkey Ham (RM13)and I took set lunch of Bolognaise Chicken Whole Leg (RM13)..Both sets included soups, main courses, drinks and desserts..Hehe!!The foods overall are nice and delicious..Hehe!! They do not charge any service charge and government tax..It is really reasonable..

After lunch, we brought Daniel to play Go Kart..Hehe!! Daniel was so excited when he saw the karts..We played 6 rounds..The first 3 rounds I fetched Daniel and Jimmy fetched him for the other 3 rounds..Hehe!! This is our first time to bring twin seats kart..It is quite hard to control compared to single seat kart..Daniel was very happy and quite scare also..He is keep on saying to both of us "Do not drive too fast" when play..Hehe!!

It is an enjoyable and happy Saturday!! Hehe!!

Soup and Garlic Bread

Bolognaise Chicken Whole Leg

Spaghetti Turkey Ham

Dessert - Ice Cream

Abbie and Daniel

Jimmy and Daniel