Wednesday, March 9, 2011

O Place @ Ipoh Greentown...

Last Sunday Jimmy and I had a late lunch at O Place..A white building which located opposite of Yeolde English in Greentown..The place is quite comfortable and relax..Hehe..

After went through the menu, Jimmy ordered Terikayi Chicken Chop (RM12.90) and Ice Blue Berry Tea (RM3.80)..I took Saba Shioyaki & Teriyaki Chicken Bento (RM14.90) and White Coffee Cold (RM3.30)..Besides, we have ordered one snack - Fried Scallop (RM3.90)..

Personally, the food is nice..Hehe..For the coleslaw, it is really fresh..I gave extra marks for the fresh coleslaw..Hehe..They collect 10% service charge for the meal and no governmnet charge..For me, 10% is too much..:)

O Place

White Building




Ice Blue Berry Tea & White Coffee Ice

Fried Scallop

Terikayi Chicken Chop

Saba Shioyaki & Teriyaki Chicken Bento


  1. If overall,this restaurant consider nice?

  2. Hi Hui Yi,

    Overall, this restaurant is nice..The only thing that I unsatisfied is their service is quite slow during my first time visit..not worth of 10% as they charged..:)

  3. Hi there. Do you have the contact number for this restaurant?