Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chatter Corner @ Yik Foong Shopping Complex

Today Jimmy and I went to Yik Foong to have a walk..Hehe!! A shopping complex which I rarely visit..Hehe!! After walk, we decided to have our lunch at Chatter Corner - Jimmy's friend's cafe..

A paper and menu is served for us..We need to write down what we would like to order..Then waitress will take the order..I have taken Mini Polo Bau(RM1.60), Kaya Butter Toast(RM1.80) and White Coffee Ice(RM1.80)..Whereas Jimmy took "Wat Tan Ho aka Smooth Egg River"(RM5.90) and White Coffee Ice..

The Mini Polo Bau is unexpectedly mini..Hehe!! But it is quite special and tasty..For the Kaya Butter Toast, it has 4 pieces..In my opinion, it is nicer than that of a famous kopitiam in Ipoh..Hehe!! The butter is pasted evenly over the bread compared to those famous kopitiam which just has a mini butter stick..And the Wat Tan Ho, Jimmy commented that it is nice..Hehe!!

If have chance, I will visit Chatter Corner again..Hehe!!

Mini Polo Bau

Kaya Butter Toast

Wat Tan Ho - Smooth Egg River

White Coffee Ice

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