Monday, May 18, 2009

Side Walk Ice Cream...

Jimmy and I finally chose Side Walk Ice Cream to cool ourselves instead of McD RM1 cone..It is because there is a long Q in McD Jusco..If we wait for it, we can't escape the parking fee RM1..Hehe!!

Side Walk Ice Cream is established on 1991..I have been there for 2 times..I like this ice cream house very much..The shop design, ornament, ice cream flavour and types of ice cream are different compared to others ice cream house..

We served by a menu which is fulled of hand-colouring cartoons..Not photocopy at all..Every types of ice cream is clearly stated their price and followed by different quantity of bear..We thought the meaning of bear is chef's recommendation..Hehe!!

We are wrong actually because the quantity of bear means the quantity of ice cream scope..Hehe!! After browsed the menu, Jimmy ordered "Rock Steady Sundae" and I took "Banana Boat"..

We served by two cups of water and a plate of nuts while waiting for our ais cream..Hehe!! After around 15 minutes, our orders came..The outlook is nice and full of cereal..The banana is fresh and the taste of ice cream is delicious too..Hehe!! All these cost us RM15.60..

Overall Shop Design


Banana Boat

Rock Steady Sundae


  1. This is really a nice place. i strongly recommend it to all. It's very cozy in there. Nice place and friendly services overall. Hehe..

    Wah, your handphone had such a nice camera. Can take good pictures. Hehe..

  2. Do we have chance to go there again? Hehe!!
    Ya, it is a nice handphone..Interest? Haha!!

  3. Of coz we will have the chance to go again. There is so much of choices. We must try all the design. Hehe.