Thursday, November 5, 2009

~Old Master Q & Big Potato Bobble Head Dolls~Special Edition

It was an ordinary afternoon..When I went back to my cubical, I saw there are two very cutie dolls on my table..Hehe!! First came to my mind, surprise from Jimmy!! Hehe!! Thanks ya, my lovely Jimmy..I like these dolls very very much..Especially they are Old Master Q and Big Potato..Hehe!!

The moment when I saw these two dolls - Old Master Q and Big Potato, I was so excited and happy..They are so cute and their head is shaking when I touched them..Hehe!! Some of my colleagues were attracted by these two dolls when walked by my cubical..Hehe!!

The size of Old Master Q is 7 inches whereas Big Potato is 5 inches..They are really cute..Some more, they are really fine piece of handwork..Not just like those "pirated" and "cincai" hand-made dolls..Hehe!! If there is a rate for these toys, my rate is 9.5/10..Hehe!! The 0.5 is for the box because it is a bit crumpled..Hehe!!

Jimmy told me that it is worth because they are imported from Hong Kong and there are serial number stickers pasted outside of the box..He said around 50 bucks for two included shipping cost..Hehe!! Besides, they are special edition build for celebrating the Old Master Q 45 Anniversary..Hehe!!

Again, thanks for your surprise present, Jimmy..:)

Let's find out how cute they are..Hehe!!

Old Master Q & Big Potato

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  1. You are welcome. Glad that you like it and you are happy. Hehe..