Monday, September 14, 2009

Big Big Surprise ~ PC Set ~

It is an ordinary Saturday..Jimmy came to find me with a new hair look..Hehe!! He delivered pizza to my home as our lunch!! Hehe!! So sweet..

After he passed me the pizza, Jimmy went back to his car and took out one CPU..I was shocked and said loudly that I did not have monitor and keyboard..Then, he went back to his car again and came with a LCD..This time I really got a greatly shock..I keep saying that I don't want this to him..

After put down the things, we had our lunch..Hehe!! This is our first time to have pizza together..After finished, we started to set up our new set of pc..Hehe!! Jimmy told me that the he bought the second-hand CPU from his friend - James..For the LCD, speaker, mouse and keyboard, they are brand new..

I am really appreciating and grateful on what Jimmy have done to me..Jimmy, thanks so much!! :)


PC from Jimmy..

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