Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Domino's Pizza @ Ipoh...

Last Saturday, it is my first time to order Domino's Pizza through online..It is simple, fast and easy..Hehe..First of all, I went to Domino's Pizza website..I registered as a member..They have GPS Tracker which keeps you up to date from the moment you place your order to the moment your pizza leaves the store..It is really professional..Hehe..

After registered, I started to order..Of course they have many choices of pizza and side orders..For more information, just click Domino's Pizza..Hehe..

Firstly, I chose Combo Deal 1 which includes 1 Regular Pizza, 1 Breadstick and 2 Can Drinks (RM27.80)..Then I chose Classic Hand Tossed for the crust..This crust was made from fresh dough using a unique oil-free screen-baking process..At the same interface, I chose Aloha Chicken as my pizza's topping..This Aloha Chicken was made of 100% mozzarella cheese with succulent shredded chicken and generous amounts of juicy pineapples..

I have added Chicken Pepperoni as extra topping which only costed RM1.75..For the side order, instead of Breadstick, I chose Banana Kaya Dessert which is a MUST try recommended by Domino..This dessert was made from oven baked with fresh banana slices,sweet pandan kaya,topped with cheese and sprinkled with icing sugar..For the drinks, I took Sprite..

Besides this, I have ordered the New Crazy Crunchies Chicken (RM8.96 after 30% off)..This offer valids for online orders only..Hehe..That's all for my orders..Total is RM38.51 wihtout any service charges and governmnet tax..Hehe..My orders were made at 2.30pm..They will deliver my orders within 30 minutes as they have the "30 Minutes Delivery Guarantee" (for certain places)..

Sharp at 3pm, the delivery boy arrived..He is very friendly and polite..After paid, he gave us a Free Pizza Voucher because he claimed that he was late..Actually he did not late as he arrived at 3pm sharp..What a good service they have!!

After that, we started our lunch..Hehe..For the pizza, it is quite nice and fresh..For the Banana Kaya Dessert, it is special and yummy!! :) Both of us like it very much..Besides, the crazy crunchies chicken is quite tasty and big portion also..Hehe..

For my readers, it is a good try at Domino's Pizza..Hehe!!

Free Pizza Voucher

Combo Deal 1

Banana Kaya Dessert

Aloha Chicken Pizza

Crazy Crunchies Chicken

Domino's Guarantee

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