Monday, May 18, 2009

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 1

"How to make agar-agar?" is my first station in my cooking journey..It is easy and simple after I have tried to do it by myself..Hehe!!
Mission Impossible 1 - Done!!

My second station is Butter Cake..I admit that I am a "big head prawn" girl..Just because of this, I have failed on my homemade butter cake..Why? I was so careless and misread the recipe..I have used a full box of milk (250ml) instead of 5 big spoons of milk..Came out a butter cake which is too moisture and not nice..
Mission Impossible 2 - Failed!!

Next station - Spaghetti..It is so called "easy" but actually it is quite difficult..I am so happy because it is passed and good commented from him..
Mission Impossible 3 - Done perfectly!!

I am an athlete and of course I have sportsmanship..Hehe!! I would like to redo my 2nd mission - Butter cake..After a lesson learn, I have finally baked a delicious and nice butter cake..Yahooh!!
Mission Impossible 2 - Re-done successfully!!

My MI 4 is sweet potato dessert..It is easy and simple..Comment is add more ginger..Hehe!!
Mission Impossible 4 - Done perfectly!!

Japan Sushi - Outlook is looked like a Sushi..But the taste is different..Hehe!! It is because I have used normal rice instead of "pearl rice"..Anyway, I received a good comment also..Hehe!!
Mission Impossible 5 - Done semi-successfully!!

I am so enjoy my cooking journey so far..Although I have been failed, I treat them as motivation for me to do better next time..Hehe!! I would like to thank to my lovely Yi Xiu..Thanks for "yan seong" my works..Muacksss!!


  1. Haha..i think all you had accomplished all your mission with flying colors. All the food were so good. if you didn't told me that it is your first time cooking, I wouldn't know at all coz it taste so good. Thanks ya..hehe..

  2. Muacksss..Hehe!! You said "Thanks"..
    Wah, give me a "high hat"? Thanks for praising..Thanks for "yan seong"..Thanks for everything..It is really my first time cooking..Hehe!!

    It is only Part 1..I still have many missions to go..Hehe!!