Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 12...~First Time In Kitchen~

Almost one month did not update here..Hehe!!

Anyway, I am back!! Hehe!!
My First Time In Kitchen..Really exciting,full of funnies and scares..Haha!!

Before cook, I have prepared all the ingredients the night before. For the drumsticks, it is quite hard for me to touch when it is raw. Hehe!! I felt quite geli..However, I marinated the drumsticks in soy sauce for overnight.

Firstly, I cooked vegetables. I did not know how to control the heat so the wok is overheated. Once I put the garlic, they are burnt. I was quite panic and called mum immediately. I heard SOMEONE is laughing nonstop at the same time. Meanwhile, I put the drumsticks into oven. It is quite easy to make it. Hehe!! Then, I cooked the egg with prawn.

Finally, 3 dishes and rice are prepared within one hour. Hehe!! Luckily I did not make him to wait for so long. Hehe!! For my own opinion, all dishes are able to put into mouth. Hehe!! They are well done. Hehe!!

Cooking in kitchen is quite difficult for me. I do not know many skills. Anyway, I will learn it hardly before promotion. Hehe!! Will you be my white mouse? Hehe!!

~Mission considered DONE!!~


Roasted Drumsticks

Egg Cooked Prawn

Vege~A bit Burnt

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