Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Koh Samui Restaurant..

Last Sunday Jimmy brought me to have dinner at Koh Samui Thai Restaurant..This is my first time to visit here..I am very excited because I like Thai food very much..Hehe!!

The time when we arrived, they are just setting up to do business..Thus we went to Jusco to walk walk..After 30 minutes, we came back to the restaurant..They have no customers besides both of us..Hehe!! It is because we took our dinner earlier than others..

After gone through the menu, Jimmy ordered chicken aka Kai Ho Bai (RM2.50 per piece), Tofu (RM9.80) and Seafood Tom Yum (RM12.80)..For drinks, we took Mango (RM4.50) and Ice Lemon Tea (RM3)..After awhile, our dishes are served..Their service is really nice and efficient..Besides, the waitresses and waiters is quite friendly..

The food is delicious and yummy..Both of us like it very much..Hehe!! Jimmy ordered dessert too..Water chestnut blended with coconut..It is quite special and unique..Hehe!!

Mango & Ice Lemon Tea




Chicken - 4 pieces

Seafood Tom Yum


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