Monday, February 22, 2010

Black Canyon Coffee @ Kinta City

Today Jimmy and I went to Kinta City TGV to watch a movie..Hehe!! It had been a long period that we did not step into cinema since our last movie Transformer 2..Hehe!! After a short while of struggling about which movie we are going to watch, finally we chose "Wolfman" instead of all those CNY theme movies..Hehe!! We were early birds so the price is RM7 per seat..Hehe!!

Before the movie start, we took our breakfast at KFC..Hehe..In my opinion, the Wolfman is quite horibble..Hehe!! I have scared by the movie for certain shots..Hehe!!

After the movie, we had a walk..We saw there is a Potted Plant and Stone Exhibition at the lobby..Jimmy was taking this opportunity to take some photos by using his DSLR..Hehe!! Then, we took our lunch at Black Canyon Coffee..This cafe is originated from Thailand..The environmnet is quite nice..Hehe!! We chose Udon Prawn Tom Yam (RM9.90) as our main course..For the beverage, Jimmy took Iced Chocolate (RM6.90) and I chose Hot Cappucino (RM6.95)..Hehe!! The Tom Yam is quite nice and tasty..There are 4 big prawns to be served..

After that, we visited Jimmy's friend's Flower Shop..Jimmy took a lot of photos again..Hehe!! Jimmy bought two Burma Jade Pendants @ 如意..One for himself and one for me..Hehe!! I heard that this pendant can bring good luck to owner..Hehe!! Thanks ya..Hehe!!

Hot Cappucino

Iced Chocolate

Udon Prawn Tom Yam

Burma Jade Pendant @ 如意

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Foh San Dim Sum...

I woke up at 5.45am today and met Jimmy at 6am at Stadium..Why so early? It is because we have to queue up to get a "nice seat" for Badminton courts booking for next month March..Jimmy put the register forms first then we went to Foh San Dim Sum to have our breakfast..Hehe!!

This is my first time to have breakfast at Foh San Dim Sum after it had been move to new place..Hehe!! Its decoration is really nice..For the services, they have improved a lot compared to that of old place..

We have taken quite lots of Dim Sum..Overall, the Dim Sum are nice..Although the price are higher compared to others, it is worth because their Dim Sum are bigger portion than others..Hehe!!

After eat, we went back to Stadium to pay for the Badminton courts booking..Luckily, we still can get Thursday court. Unfortunately, it is only one left.. At last, we decided to take one court on Monday and Thursday respectively..Hehe!!

Foh San Dim Sum

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My family and I went to Negeri Sembilan to visit my grandma and relatives yesterday..On the way back home, I have captured few photos of sunset..Hehe!!

Those photos quite shaky because I took while I am sitting in my Bumble Bee with my Lumix DMC-FS3..Hehe!! Anyway, sunset really nice..

UPM area..

Sungai Besi Highway

Sungai Besi Highway

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day @ 2010

Valentine's Day is same day as The First Day of Chinese New Year on this year 2010..I heard from my friends that this phenomenon will only happen 57 years once..We are so lucky because we have this opportunity to observe this special date..Hehe!!

Jimmy brought me to have dinner at McD to celebrate our 1st Valentine's Day..Hehe!! He put a present on the table when I went to toilet..Hehe!! He is so naughty..Hehe!!

He gave me a platinum necklace and heart-shaped pendant with a Diamond from Poh Kong..Hehe!! It is really nice..I like it very much!!

Jimmy, thanks for your present..I am really appreciating it.. :-)

Valentine's Present

Platinum Necklace & Pendant with Diamond

Happy Chinese New Year @ Tiger Year

Happy Chinese New Year..This year is Tiger Year..I wish my family, my relatives, my friends and everyone in this world has a prosperity year ahead..Gong Xi Fa Cai!!

Jimmy gave a Hamper and Dry Meat to my parents..Hehe!! The hamper is wrapped by himself..Hehe!! Very creative!! Jimmy, thanks very much!! Happy Chinese New Year ah!!

Hamper & Dry Meat

Tiger Coin Collector

Bird Nest For Parents..

Friday, February 12, 2010

Michelangelo's Pizzeria

Last Thursday Jimmy brought me to have dinner at Michelangelo's Pizza..Hehe!! We got to know about this restaurant from one of our friend - Siew Hwa..Hehe!! I have googl-ed about Michelangelo's through their website and we decided to have a try..

When we entered, there are a lot of empty seats..Just once after we have ordered, it had been full house..Their business is really good..Hehe!!

There is a "Today Special Menu"..The name of the "Today Special" pizza is "Chicken of The Sea Special"..Hehe!! I like this name very much..Besides, they have a lot of pizza's choices, spaghetti, appetizers, dessert and beverages..And the most attractive is they have "Build Your Own Pizza" menu..Hehe!! You can choose whatever you like to put onto your pizza..Hehe!!

We have ordered Breadsticks with melted garlic butter as our appetizer (RM5.50), Italian Sausage Pizza (RM30)..For drinks, we took 100 Plus (RM3) and Espresso (RM5.50)..Hehe!!

The breadsticks are quite special..Jimmy like the melted garlic butter very much..Hehe!! The pizza is standard size and full of olives..Both of us cannot stand the taste of olives, so it is hard to comment on the pizza..:) Anyway, I saw the 2 couples besides us are taken Italian Sausage also..Hehe!!

Jimmy promised me that he will bring me to here again and have a try on their spaghetti..Hehe!! Why we did not take at that moment? It is because they serves their food in a big portion..Both of us cannot finish one time if we take pizza and spaghetti..Hehe!!

Michelangelo's Pizzeria

Espresso in a mini cup

Breadsticks with melted garlic butter

Italian Sausage