Sunday, February 21, 2010

Foh San Dim Sum...

I woke up at 5.45am today and met Jimmy at 6am at Stadium..Why so early? It is because we have to queue up to get a "nice seat" for Badminton courts booking for next month March..Jimmy put the register forms first then we went to Foh San Dim Sum to have our breakfast..Hehe!!

This is my first time to have breakfast at Foh San Dim Sum after it had been move to new place..Hehe!! Its decoration is really nice..For the services, they have improved a lot compared to that of old place..

We have taken quite lots of Dim Sum..Overall, the Dim Sum are nice..Although the price are higher compared to others, it is worth because their Dim Sum are bigger portion than others..Hehe!!

After eat, we went back to Stadium to pay for the Badminton courts booking..Luckily, we still can get Thursday court. Unfortunately, it is only one left.. At last, we decided to take one court on Monday and Thursday respectively..Hehe!!

Foh San Dim Sum

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