Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nissin Speedlite Di622 Mark II..

Di622 Mark II is an advanced level model of current Di622, featuring additional functions including Wireless TTL remote, Slave Digital (SD) and Slave Film (SF) flash system with 6 steps power level adjustment..Besides, it has a quite good energy saving system..It automatically enters sleep mode when it's not in use for 5 min, and is reset with a touch of the shutter button or any button of the flash..If the unit is not in use for 30 minutes, it will automatically power off..For more information, please kindly visit Nissin Speedlite Di622 Mark II..

I have tried this out at my friend's shop..I felt that it is user friendly and easy to control..With an affordable price, it is fine to grab one..:)

Nissin Di622 Mark II

Control Panel

With Diffuser

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

T.G.I Friday's @ One Utama...

Finally I'm free to continue my KL Shopping Spree experiences..Hehe..Two weeks ago, my hometown friends and I went to One Utama for shopping..Supposed we would like to have dinner at Chili's..However, we got a smoking area table and it was really smelly..Thus we decided to have our dinner at T.G.I Friday's..

Once entered T.G.I Friday's, I was impressed as the waiters served us warmth and lovingly if compared to Chili's, Chili's supposed to have their people skills..Unfortunately, they lack of that..

Our tourist guide Choy and Mangga decided our food while Ying Ying engaged to call and I was busy to snap around..Hehe..He ordered an Appetizer - Friday's Three For All (RM36.90), Friday's Shrimp (RM29.90), Chicken Fingers (RM23.90) and Tuscan Chicken Melt Crispy Fries(RM19.90)..For beverage, he took refillable Pepsi (RM8.90), Mangga chose Large Apple Juice (RM8.90), Ying Ying ordered 100% Tropicana Orange Juice (RM9.90) and I took warm water..

For the Appetizer - Friday's Three For All..It has Friday's most famous appetizers which are Loaded Potato Skins, Fried Mozzarella and Spicy Buffalo Wings, served with sour cream and green onions, marinara sauce and celery sticks with Bleu Cheese dressing..It is really special and big enough for us..However, Mangga and I felt that this whole platter food too sour for us..

For Friday's Shrimp, Chicken Fingers and Tuscan Chicken Melt Crispy Fries, all of us love them very much..Hehe..They are special and delicious..Hehe..All these foods are big enough for all of us to share..At the end, all of us fulled with "Friday's"..Hehe..They are collecting 6% government tax and 10% service charge..

We had a great time over Friday's..Next time I will bring my Yi Xiu there..Hehe..

Give Me More Friday's

Ornaments on the wall..

Ornaments on the wall..

Ornaments on the wall..

Interior of Restaurant..


Tuscan Chicken Melt Crispy Fries

Chicken Fingers

Friday's Shrimp

Friday's Three For All - Spicy Buffalo Wings

Friday's Three For All - Loaded Potato Skins

Friday's Three For All - Fried Mozzarella


Monday, January 10, 2011

Nando's @ One Utama Shopping Mall...

Last Saturday Ying Ying, Mangga and I went to KL for shopping..Our tourist guide Choy had well-planned the whole day program for us..Thanks for his effort..

We had our lunch at Nando's @ One Utama Shopping Mall..We had a bad experience over there..The waiters kept on making wrong orders..However, it did not spoil our feelings..

We had ordered Peri Kick Starter (RM28.90) while waiting for Anthony to join us..Hehe..This starter served with 3 pieces of Chicken Wings, 4 Mini Kebabs, 1 Grilled Chicken Sausage, 1 Novo Pita, 4 Fresh Cucumber with Creamy Peri Dip..All of us took Bottomless Soft Drinks (RM5.50) as our drinks..For the main course, all of us chose 1/4 Chicken with 2 Sidelines (RM14.50)..For the sidelines, I chose Mediterranean Rice and Peri Chips..Besides, I took Mild Peri-Peri for my Chicken sauce..Hehe..

Overall the food is tasty and big portion..It is a good try at Nando's..Hehe..However, they have to improve their services..

Peri Kick Starter - Novo Pita

Peri Kick Starter - Mini Kebab & Chicken Wing

1/4 Chicken with 2 Sidelines - Mediterranean Rice & Peri Chips