Sunday, August 15, 2010

Boston @ De Garden

Jimmy brought me to Boston at De Garden to have dinner today..Hehe..It is just new opening..It is one kind of concept restaurant like Wong Kok, Kim Gary, Station One and so on..

When we arrived, it is full house..We waited for 10 minutes, there is a table for us..Personally, the decoration here is quite normal..The ONLY special is every table is decorated with Mahjong..They are using tungsten light and whole restaurant is quite dark for me..Beside, I felt that it is quite warm..Although there has air condition and a lot of fans, both of us are feeling warm and hot..Giving me an uncomfortable feel..

After going through the menu, we felt that the food is quite expensive..Jimmy chose a sizzling set which is the ONLY set they are serving..He took Mixed Delight (Chicken, Fish & Beef) in Sizzling Hot Plate (RM29.95)..This set includes Mushroom Soup, Garlic Bread and Ice Lemon Tea..I just ordered a warm water with Lemon (RM0.90)..90 cents for a warm water, it is really expensive..

For the food, Jimmy commented that it is normal and yet acceptable..But the cookers are "heavy-hand" because the food is heavy tasted..The black pepper taste is very strong until we could not really differentiate the taste of chicken, fish, and mushroom soup after few mouths..

Personally, we will just visit here once in a while (not blue moon)..It is because we think that it is not worth to dine here..Besides, they are charging 10% service charge with a quite bad service..I saw there is customer besides us who complained about their orders..


Mahjong Decoration

Ice Lemon Tea & Warm Water with Lemon

Garlic Bread & Mushroom Soup

Mixed Delight (Chicken, Fish & Beef) in Sizzling Hot Plate


  1. i heard other peoples complaint on the new boston cafe too... i think i won't go there until i heard someone says it had improve....

  2. Koh: Personally, it is quite bad service. They do not have staff to serve you for the table. If you want dine at there, find the table yourself. They have franchise, at least they have to maintain their services in order to get a good business. If not, their business will drop very soon.

  3. Hi Koh,
    It's not a complaint actually. The food is nice with lots of herbs and black pepper. Maybe the cook likes black pepper very much. :)
    The chicken meat and fish were marinated very well. Can taste the meat tenderness as well. Maybe the too much black pepper to me. Hehe. Worth a try..but not too much.. :P

    I never heard anyone said Wong Kok is nice except you. I thin I will give it a try too, just to have a review of this 'infamous' place. Hehe.

  4. hmmmm.........the food quite expensive leh~~hehe :)
    i wonder whether boston would be better than wong kok,haha :)

  5. Ying Ying:
    They have cheaper food also. Hehe. Personally, I felt that it is expensive. Just a plain Roti Canai with some curry sauce, they sell RM2.95. This kind of phenomenon I saw at Genting before. Hehe.

    One of my colleague commented that Wong Kok not bad. Since I never been there, so I hardly to say which is better. But Jimmy and I will have a try there and have a review of it. Hehe. Hopefully it will not happen as your case during our visit. Hehe.

  6. hi Abbie. Which is exactly why I have not done a review, nor visited Boston until now.
    Or maybe won't anytime soon.
    Wong Kok was good the FIRST time we went. Service was warm, friendly and swift.
    Then the ensuing experiences went downhill ... and I never went there again.

  7. Hi J2kfm:
    Yea, I will not visit Boston again too. Anyhow, I will try to experince at Wong Kok and make a comparison of both. Hehe.