Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 8...~Maki-Zushi aka Sushi Roll~

During my cooking journey part 1, I have tried to make sushi..But I used normal rice instead of short grain rice..After a lesson learn, I went to a rice shop near my house and told them I want short grain rice to make sushi..RM6.80 per kg..I have no idea whether it is reasonable or expensive..Anyway, my mum said it is expensive..Hehe!!

Then I went to buy cucumber..There are two big baskets of cucumber..Again, have no idea how to choose..Hehe..I called my mum to get some info..Finally I bought ONE cucumber..Luckily the promoter did not "beh song" me..Hehe!!

After bought all the ingredients, I start to cook two cups of rice..But it became too much..Hehe..After that, I cooked the seasonings and mixed it with the rice..The rice became shinny..Looks so delicious..Hehe!!

Then I put some rice on top of a piece of seaweed, placed a cucumber stick with Tuna and rolled it..As I put too much rice, the Sushi Roll became quite big..Hehe!! Anyway, it is quite tasty..

Mission done successfully!! Yeah!!

Ingredients to make seasonings..

Rice with seasonings

Ready to roll

After rolled

My Homemade Sushi Roll

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  1. Very tasty indeed. Can think of open a sushi shop. Hahaha. Thanks ya for a nice sushi...hehehe...