Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rocusa @ Ipoh Parade...

Last 2 weeks, Jimmy and I had a walk at Ipoh Parade..We found this new eating place - Rocusa which provides Taiwanese food..Overall, the place is clean and nice..

To make order is self service..We have to queue up then make our order and pay..Food will be served then..Jimmy ordered Chicken Mee Soup (RM6) and I took Peanut Snow Ice (RM6)..They have no service charge and government tax..

For the Chicken Mee Soup, Jimmy commented that the soup is taste-less..Just like plain water..For the Peanut Snow Ice, it is quite special and nice..The shape of ice is looks like a mee..Hehe..However, RM6 per bowl is not cheap for me..Anyway, it is a nice try over here..

Order Place



Peanut Snow Ice


Chicken Mee Soup

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