Sunday, April 24, 2011

Famous Hakka Mee & Beef Soup @ New Town Ipoh

Last Sunday Jimmy and I went to "New Town" at Ipoh to eat "Hakka Mee"..This restaurant is quite famous with "Hakka Mee" and Beef Soup..After this restuarant moved to new location (beside All-In Cafe), it is my first time to visit here..Hehe..

We ordered 2 single Hakka Mee (RM1.70/single Mee), 6 pieces of Yong Taufu (RM0.60 per piece) and 1 Lao Su Fun (RM1.70 per plate)..

The food is really nice..Hehe..I like it very much..Hehe..

Sang Yik or Yik Sang??

Hakka Mee & Yong Taufu

Lao Su Fun

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kedai Kopi Ban Mee - "Guai Lou" Ban Mee @ Ipoh

Today Jimmy and I went to Kedai Kopi Ban Mee which located at Desa Rishah Ipoh to have our lunch..The Chinese name of this restaurant is quite special..It is "Guai Lou" Ban Mee..

They have few types of Ban Mee which are Traditional, Pumpkin, Yam and Parsley..We ordered 2 bowls of Traditional Ban Mee (RM3.40), 4 pieces of Yong Taufu (RM0.50 - RM0.70 per piece) and 2 glassed of Coffee Ice (RM1.60 per glass)..

The food is nice..The mee is very smooth..Next visit I will try the Pumpkin Ban Mee..Hehe..

Kedai Kopi Ban Mee


Interior Of Restaurant

Traditional Ban Mee & Yong Taufu

Sunday, April 10, 2011

O Place @ Ipoh Greentown...2nd Visit

Last Saturday Jimmy and I went to O Place to have our lunch..We visited this place last month..Just check out my First Visit..Hehe..

Jimmy took set lunch which is Thai Sauce Chicken Rice with Coffee Ice (RM8.90) and I ordered Butter Toast (RM2.80) and White Coffee O Cold (RM3)..Besides, we ordered Karaage Chicken (RM3.90) as our side order.. The food are nice..But the drinks are quite sweet for us..:)

Our lunch


Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 29...~Milky Crunch~

Yesterday I have made my first bake on year 2011..Hehe..

I have tried to bake Milky Crunch..I got the recipe from here..The procedures to bake Milky Crunch are quite simple and easy..I was quite satisfied with my homemade Milky Crunch..It is yummy..Hehe..

Ingredients to make Milky Crunch

Mixing the flour


Fish Ball??

First bake

Second bake


Homemade Milky Crunch