Tuesday, May 7, 2013

JA's Wedding Preparation Part 7 ~ Wedding Invitation Card...

After surveyed some printing shop, finally we decided to print my wedding invitation card at AP Fast Print..The price is reasonable and what we wished..Hehe..:P

After received our wedding card, we have decided to print the map by ourselves and put together with the card..Let's go through them..:)

Our Wedding Invitation Card..Nice??

Cutting The Map

Highlighted Our Wedding Destination

Folded To Half

Sunday, April 28, 2013

JA's Wedding Preparation Part 6 ~ Bride Dowry Decoration...

For bride dowry, I have DIY some small ribbons as decoration..Hehe..It is easy and simple..:)

Let's see it..:)

Small Ribbon

Done 50pcs..

Pasted @ Toothbrush & Toothpaste (Dowry)

Simple & Nice..

Monday, April 15, 2013

JA's Wedding Preparation Part 5 ~ Wedding Dolls (压床娃娃)...

I like froggie very much..I found this at TaoBao..Hehe..Finally, I bought it as our wedding dolls..They are really nice and cutie..Hehe..:P

Wedding Dolls (压床娃娃)

Back View

JA's Wedding Preparation Part 4 ~ Bride Dowry (嫁妆)...

Chinese traditional wedding really spent a lot of money..:(

Jimmy and I went to buy some wedding stuffs which requested by parents as it is traditional ceremony..We have to follow it..At the beginning, I'm the one keep on fighting with parents as I do not want to follow traditional..

However, at the end, I'm the loser..I follow whatever they want..But, I understand about their request..They just don't want people gossip about us..:) So, we went to shopping again la..Hehe..

It is easy to get a chilli red color umbrella..However, it is really difficult to get a chilli red umbrella that I like..:( I went to so many shops, they only sell those with "lace" which I don't like at all..:( Finally, I got my "dream umbrella" at Watson..Hehe..Yeah!! Mission DONE!!

Baby Bath Basin (澡盆) - <开枝散叶,子孙满堂>

Baby Potty (痰盂) - <开枝散叶,子孙满堂>

Saucer (茶盤) - <开枝散叶,子孙满堂>

Hand Fan (扇子) - <開枝散葉,大富大貴>

"HEI" Paper Cup For Tea Ceremony

Red Umbrella (红伞) - <避邪擋煞, 開枝散葉>

 Finally I Got It - <避邪擋煞, 開枝散葉> 

JA's Wedding Preparation Part 3 ~ Wedding Table Lamp (喜灯)..

Last month Jimmy and I attended a wedding dinner at KL..We stayed overnight at Yeelie's studio house..Hehe..I love her studio house very much..Simple and nice..Hehe..

The next day we went to Ikea..Hehe..Surprisingly, we saw a table lamp and we love it in first sight..Haha..It is simple and yet nice..We decided to buy them as our wedding table lamps..:P

Actually we did not plan to buy any table lamp as we had 2 "Apple Lamp"..However, my mum insists us to buy a new set as these table lamps are very important (in traditional)..They are representing "increase family member (添丁)"..At the end, we have bought it..

Again, we did not choose those wedding table lamp which has "HEI" word..It is because we hope that these lamps can use for other purpose after our actual day..Hehe..Thus, we will paste a "HEI" sticker on it during our actual day..

Stay tuned for the final photo oh..Hehe..

Ikea Table Lamps (Without Bulb)

After Installed Bulb (Nice??)