Monday, March 21, 2011

Octopus Flexi Neoprene Camera Strap...

Jimmy bought me an Octopus Flexi Neoprene Camera Strap..It can be used to reduce my gear's weight system..It made of long-lasting elastic Neoprene..My gear's weight is increasing but my body weight is decreasing (funny!!)..This can reduce the deep red mark on my neck and relieve my shoulder stress during my photoshooting session..Hehe..

Thanks to Jimmy for the gift..

Octopus Flexi Neoprene Camera Strap
2011-03-20 23.16.25

Octopus Flexi Neoprene Camera Strap
2011-03-20 23.17.00

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cameron Highlands...2nd Anniversary Celebration Trip

Jimmy and I had a 2D1N Cameron Highlands trip to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary..Hehe..A really relaxing trip we had..We went to Cameron Highlands by AFU around 9.30am..

Our first destination is Boh Tea Centre at Sungai Palas..I was quite excited as finally I could visit here with Jimmy..Hehe..The weather was quite nice and the wind very strong..We walked to Boh Tea Showroom to take photos..After that, we had a drink at the Boh Tea Cafe..We ordered Mushroom Soup with Bread (RM5), Mango Tea with teabag (RM3) and Boh Ice Blackcurrant Tea (RM3.50)..No extra charges they collect..After our drinks, we had our photoshooting again..Hehe..For more photos, please kindly visit

Then we head to Cactus plantation..Hehe..Again, for our photos of flowers, please check out at

We took our light lunch at KFC at Brinchang as we are still full..Hehe..After that, we approached to our accommodation - Century Pines Resort at Tanah Rata..I booked this hotel through Agoda..The outlook of this hotel is quite grand and nice..It is quite comfortable and relax over here..

Our room is superior room..The room is quite big and there is a balcony which has a garden view..However, some marks had been deducted for the room cleanliness as there are some stains over the blanket and toilet..Other than that, all is acceptable..

After a rest, we went to Night Market at Brinchang at 6.30pm..We just had a walk first before we took our dinner..Hehe..We chose Restaurant OK Tuck to have our steamboat dinner..The steamboat price is RM17 per pax..If 3 persons above, it is RM15 per pax..For drinks, we chose Chinese Tea Pot (RM3)..The food is normal and acceptable..However, the prawns are not fresh yet spoilt..Again, marks deducted for the spoilt prawns..

Both of us were very full so we chose to walk at Night Market again..Hehe..We bought some snacks to eat at Hotel..After walk, we went to a "Hairpin Curve" to take photos..Hehe..

Then we went to Starbucks which near to our hotel to have a drink..I ordered hot Mocha with milk (RM12.95)..12 bucks for a coffee..It is quite expensive..But once in a blue moon, it is still acceptable for me..Hehe..After that, we went back to hotel and rest..

The next morning, we took our breakfast at Hotel Coffee House..The food is accpetable..Hehe..Then we checked out and head to Kea Farm and Bee's Farm..We bought some souvenirs over there..

Then we came to Restaurant Lai Fatt to have lunch before we went back to Ipoh..We visited this restaurant last year with colleagues..We ordered vegetables (RM5), Pumpkin Spareribs (RM15) and Lai Fatt Taufu (RM11)..The food is normal only..

After lunch, we went back to Ipoh..Hehe..

Valley to Showroom

Machine Process Tea



Boh Tea Cafe

Mushroom Soup with Bread

Our Drinks

Our Room

Room Facilities




Century Pines Resort Night View



Outdoor Coffee House

Indoor Coffee House

Restaurant OK Tuck


Chinese Tea (RM3)

Steamboat 2 Pax (RM34)


Starbucks Mocha

Hotel Breakfast

Bee Specimens

Bee Specimens

Restaurant Lai Fatt

Vegetables (RM5)

Lai Fatt Taufu (RM11)

Pumpkin Spareribs (RM15)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks @ Ipoh Parade...

Last Saturday Jimmy and I had a walk at Ipoh Parade..We came to Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks to have our lunch..

They have limited tables for dine-in..Normally people choose to take away..Hehe..Jimmy and I queued up to order..We ordered XXL Crispy Chicken (RM6) and Ricebox Set (RM10)..The Ricebox Set included one drink which is V-Soy Soya Bean..

For the XXL Crispy Chicken, it is really big portion..And it is yummy too!! For the Ricebox Set, it is quite nice also..Hehe..I like the Soya Bean very much..Hehe..

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

Queue Up To Order

V-Soy Soya Bean

XXL Crispy Chicken

Ricebox Set

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

O Place @ Ipoh Greentown...

Last Sunday Jimmy and I had a late lunch at O Place..A white building which located opposite of Yeolde English in Greentown..The place is quite comfortable and relax..Hehe..

After went through the menu, Jimmy ordered Terikayi Chicken Chop (RM12.90) and Ice Blue Berry Tea (RM3.80)..I took Saba Shioyaki & Teriyaki Chicken Bento (RM14.90) and White Coffee Cold (RM3.30)..Besides, we have ordered one snack - Fried Scallop (RM3.90)..

Personally, the food is nice..Hehe..For the coleslaw, it is really fresh..I gave extra marks for the fresh coleslaw..Hehe..They collect 10% service charge for the meal and no governmnet charge..For me, 10% is too much..:)

O Place

White Building




Ice Blue Berry Tea & White Coffee Ice

Fried Scallop

Terikayi Chicken Chop

Saba Shioyaki & Teriyaki Chicken Bento

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rocusa @ Ipoh Parade...

Last 2 weeks, Jimmy and I had a walk at Ipoh Parade..We found this new eating place - Rocusa which provides Taiwanese food..Overall, the place is clean and nice..

To make order is self service..We have to queue up then make our order and pay..Food will be served then..Jimmy ordered Chicken Mee Soup (RM6) and I took Peanut Snow Ice (RM6)..They have no service charge and government tax..

For the Chicken Mee Soup, Jimmy commented that the soup is taste-less..Just like plain water..For the Peanut Snow Ice, it is quite special and nice..The shape of ice is looks like a mee..Hehe..However, RM6 per bowl is not cheap for me..Anyway, it is a nice try over here..

Order Place



Peanut Snow Ice


Chicken Mee Soup