Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cutie Keroppi Pendrive...

Keroppi...I like Keroppi so so much!! Hehe!!
No no no...Suppose is I like froggy so much (not real one)...Hehe!!

It is so cute and creative..I like it so much..Can't imagine that you have such idea to modify it..
A simple pendrive became an unique cutie pendrive..Really unique..Hehe!!

Thanks so much, Jimmy..
I am so happy once I saw it..Hehe!! Can't stop laughing..Hehe!!
You really light up my life..Thanks ya!!

Cutie Keroppi...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 3...~Butter Cake~

Part 3 came...
This time I tried to bake butter cake without "nutella" chocolate..

It is so "wangi" while baking..Jimmy commented that it is nice and tasty..My mummy agreed too..Hehe!! Thanks for praising!!

Mission - Done successfully!!



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Surprising Taiping Trip...

I thought a normal breakfast will do, an ordinary day will do, a normal walk walk will do...BUT...

I am so surprise....
A normal breakfast became a warmest and sweetest "love heart" breakfast...
An ordinary day but fulled of surprise and happiness - A happy trip to Taiping
A normal walk walk became an enjoyable walk in Taiping Zoo and Taiping Lake

We have our "love heart" breakfast in car nearby Taiping Lake which is prepared by him..It is so touch!! Thanks ya!! After that, we visited Taiping Zoo..Taiping Zoo entrance fee for adult is RM12..In my opinion, it is quite expensive..I went there on 1st of July 2007..It is just RM5 for adult..They doubled up the entrance fee within 2 years..

We took our lunch at one famous food court which is near The Store..Food are not tasty as the info we searched from internet..Anyway, it is a good try!!

Thanks to my lovely Yi Xiu for giving me a surprise..Thanks for brought me to a trip..Hehe!!
It is so enjoyable and happy!!

Taiping Lake

"Love Heart" Breakfast - Photo Taken by Jimmy (Nice Shot)

Zoo Central..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 2...~Custard~

Last last Saturday we had our lunch at Old Town..I encountered he likes to eat custard..I suddenly made a decision to make custard for him..Hehe!!

I found some recipes from internet..I followed one of the recipe and started my mission..After about one hour, my result is came out..Its outlook is so smooth..The upper layer did not "dent" at all..Then, I put into fridge to freeze it..

After few hours, Jimmy and I tried it..I am so sorry because I do not like to eat egg so I felt not nice and the taste very "seang"..Hehe!! Jimmy felt weird too at first and requested to add on honey..After add on honey, he is commented that just like those which sell at the restaurant..Haha!! I am so happy..Thanks for praising again!!

Mission - Done Successfully!!

Anyone who interest on this custard recipe? Haha!!

Side Walk Ice Cream...

Jimmy and I finally chose Side Walk Ice Cream to cool ourselves instead of McD RM1 cone..It is because there is a long Q in McD Jusco..If we wait for it, we can't escape the parking fee RM1..Hehe!!

Side Walk Ice Cream is established on 1991..I have been there for 2 times..I like this ice cream house very much..The shop design, ornament, ice cream flavour and types of ice cream are different compared to others ice cream house..

We served by a menu which is fulled of hand-colouring cartoons..Not photocopy at all..Every types of ice cream is clearly stated their price and followed by different quantity of bear..We thought the meaning of bear is chef's recommendation..Hehe!!

We are wrong actually because the quantity of bear means the quantity of ice cream scope..Hehe!! After browsed the menu, Jimmy ordered "Rock Steady Sundae" and I took "Banana Boat"..

We served by two cups of water and a plate of nuts while waiting for our ais cream..Hehe!! After around 15 minutes, our orders came..The outlook is nice and full of cereal..The banana is fresh and the taste of ice cream is delicious too..Hehe!! All these cost us RM15.60..

Overall Shop Design


Banana Boat

Rock Steady Sundae

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 1

"How to make agar-agar?" is my first station in my cooking journey..It is easy and simple after I have tried to do it by myself..Hehe!!
Mission Impossible 1 - Done!!

My second station is Butter Cake..I admit that I am a "big head prawn" girl..Just because of this, I have failed on my homemade butter cake..Why? I was so careless and misread the recipe..I have used a full box of milk (250ml) instead of 5 big spoons of milk..Came out a butter cake which is too moisture and not nice..
Mission Impossible 2 - Failed!!

Next station - Spaghetti..It is so called "easy" but actually it is quite difficult..I am so happy because it is passed and good commented from him..
Mission Impossible 3 - Done perfectly!!

I am an athlete and of course I have sportsmanship..Hehe!! I would like to redo my 2nd mission - Butter cake..After a lesson learn, I have finally baked a delicious and nice butter cake..Yahooh!!
Mission Impossible 2 - Re-done successfully!!

My MI 4 is sweet potato dessert..It is easy and simple..Comment is add more ginger..Hehe!!
Mission Impossible 4 - Done perfectly!!

Japan Sushi - Outlook is looked like a Sushi..But the taste is different..Hehe!! It is because I have used normal rice instead of "pearl rice"..Anyway, I received a good comment also..Hehe!!
Mission Impossible 5 - Done semi-successfully!!

I am so enjoy my cooking journey so far..Although I have been failed, I treat them as motivation for me to do better next time..Hehe!! I would like to thank to my lovely Yi Xiu..Thanks for "yan seong" my works..Muacksss!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jimmy's Big D@y..

Happy Birthday to my lovely Yi Xiu!! Wish all your dreams come true!! Hehe!!

It is a regret because I did not take any photos on my homemade lemon cheese cake..As Jimmy said, it is nice..Hehe..Thanks for praising..I am so happy because you like my cheese cake..

Frankly, I am so disappointed once I saw the cake after baked completely..It's outlook is so ugly and some more "hangus"..Besides, there are two people who commented on my cake which is too sour..More sad!! After he tried and commented it is nice, my confidence is "rebuild"..Hehe!! I will try my best to do it more nicely next time..Hehe!!

It is a regret again because I forgot to take photos with my lovely Yi Xiu on his big day..We had a nice dinner but we did not take any photos..What a big waste!!

I promise I will not be "big prawn head" next time..Hehe!!


A pair of earrings which I wish to have...Hehe!! It is so "yeng"...
Again, thanks ya!!

1st Trip - Genting Highlands & Bukit Tinggi

It is a memorable, unforgettable, enjoyable and meaningful trip..Hehe!! It is so called a "positive catalyst" in our relationship!!

Thanks for giving a nice trip..Hehe!!

Resort Hotel

Japanese Village


My fairy tale's starting point...Ferrari!!