Sunday, February 27, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830...

Finally, I have a full touch screen smart phone - Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830..

It is a newly launched mid-range smart phone if compared to IPhone 4..However, it's based on the latest Android 2.2 (Froyo)..Hehe..As it is my first time to use a touch screen as well as smart phone, I need some times to dig on it..Hehe..

Thanks to my lovely Jimmy for the gift..Hehe..I like the phone very much..

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng @ De Garden Ipoh...2nd Visit (Last Visit)

Last night I brought my parents, BB and Jimmy to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng to celebrate my Dad's birthday in advance..Hehe..They have a promotion for Birthday Celebration which is Free Giant Hong Kong Ice Milk Tea..Hehe..

I went there last August..Frankly, they gave me a bad image..For those who would like to read my first visit, here is it - First Visit..However, I decided to give them a second chance..Maybe they have improved about their services..

After entered, we got our table..I asked one of the waitress about the Birthday Free Gift, she explained to me nicely and recorded my Dad's IC number..After that, we started to browse the menu..Hehe..After a long browse, finally we decided our meal..

Jimmy called a waitress to take our order..She served us with a "Smile-less Face"..Besides, she requested to check the IC again..We were not happy with her request..How many times they want to verify? Is it everytime there is a different waitress serve us, we have to show them the IC? Was this so called service?

Frankly, the food over here are quite acceptable and nice..Nevertheless, some of the waitress/waiters' service are really BAD..This is our LAST TIME to visit here..NO MORE CHANCE will give them..

Giant Hong Kong Ice Milk Tea (FOC)

Giant Pork Chop Rice (RM9.20)

Abalone & Vege Rice (RM12.90)

Crispy Honey Chicken Rice (RM8.90)

Wan Ton Mee (RM7.30)

White Sauce Chicken Rice (RM9.20)

Ipoh Food - Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah, Ma Chai Chee Cheong Fun & Jaya Cendol...

This time I would like to introduce some Ipoh Famous And Delicious Food..Hehe..I highly recommend them to my readers..Hehe..

Firstly, it is Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah..It has a manual "Drive Thru"..Hehe..Just like McD, you can drive through and wait to be served..There will be a staff approaches to your car and take your order..This shop is famous about Tau Fu Fah..Normally I will order "Bak Bak" (white-white) which is Tau Fu Fah serves with Soya Bean..The hot Tau Fu Fah serves with cold Soya Bean, it is really special and delicious..Hehe..

Second, I would like to introduce Restaurant Ma Chai which famous with Chee Cheong Fun..It is located at Menglembu..There are a lot of side dishes that you can choose for your Chee Cheong Fun, such as Curry Chicken, Curry Pork, Curry Pig Skin and so on..It is really nice..The price range is from RM2 to RM5..Hehe..

After that, I accidentally found that there is one cendol opposite Maybank Menglembu - Jaya Cendol which is The Best In Menglembu (I saw the banner)..I ordered one Cendol Pulut (RM1.90)..Personally, it is nice..Hehe..

I will introduce more delicious food in Ipoh next round..Hehe..

Funny Mountain

Manual Drive Thru

Bak Bak (RM0.80 per bowl)

Restaurant Ma Chai


Chee Cheong Fun

Fried Chicken

Chee Cheong Fun with Curry Pork Skin


Jaya Cendol In Newspaper

Jaya Cendol

Menu and Price List

Cendol Pulut

Saturday, February 26, 2011

2D1N Penang Relaxing Trip 2011..

Last Friday Jimmy and I had a 2D1N Penang relaxing trip..We planned to go Penang as we would like to check out the Kek Lok Si Light's Up 2011..Hehe..

We went there about 2.30pm..We chose to take Ferry as it is nearer to our accommodation - Hotel Continental which located at Jalan Penang..However, we had a long wait at Ferry because one of the Penang Ferry Terminal was under construction..Well, it did not spoil our mood at all..Hehe..

After checked in Hotel Continental, we took a rest for our next programme - Kek Lok Si Light's Up photoshooting..Hehe..For the accommodation, both of us are quite satisfied..It is clean and neat..Our package included 2 buffet breakfast..Although the choices of food are limited, it is still acceptable..Hehe..Nevertheless, the only thing that they have to improve is their way of services..The staffs who work at the Lobby should be more friendly and willing to help..The time when I checked in and out, the staffs who served me with a "Smile-less Face"..Besides, I did not receive any resit for my accommodation..They told me that it does not have any resit if I buy the package through Air-Asia..What a good excuse!!

About 6.30pm, we head to Kek Lok Si..We did not see any crowded people over there..We tried to find a good place to take the whole view of Kek Lok Si..Finally, we got it..Hehe..For our photos, please kindly visit my abbiegraphy..The Kek Lok Si Light's Up is really nice..Hehe..However, we could not observed the Kuan Yin Statue Light's Up as it only opened until 15th day of Chinese New Year..Well, Jimmy and I still had a great time over there..Hehe..After that, we took our late dinner at Ayer Itam..The food is normal yet acceptable..Hehe..Then we went back our Hotel and rest..

The next day, we took our breakfast at Hotel..Jimmy quite satisfied with the breakfast..Hehe..After that, we head to Reclining Buddha Temple (Wat Chayamangkalaram) and Dhammikarama Burmese Temple which nearby Gurney Drive..For more photos, please kindly visit my abbiegraphy..Hehe..

After checked out Hotel, we went to The Snake Temple..All the snakes are resting/sleeping..I wondered that do they take sleeping pill..Hehe..Then we left Penang..We went to Bukit Tambun to have lunch..We came to HoHo Food World which located near to a river..The food and service are quite nice..

Hotel Continental

Hotel Lobby

Hotel Room and Parking Access Card

Hotel Room



Herba Tea (RM1.30 per glass)

Hawker Food

Kuey Teow Soup (RM3 per bowl)

Hotel Coffee House

Coffee Maker


Jimmy's Breakfast

My Breakfast

My Breakfast

Orange Juice and Coffee

The Snake Temple

Fatty Puppy

The Snake Temple





HoHo Food World

Fishing Boat

Fishing Boat

Chinese Tea (RM0.40 per glass)

Coconut (RM4)

Kai Lan (RM6)

Plain Rice (RM1 per plate)

Crab (RM21)

Mantis Prawn (RM14)