Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kim Bali Restaurant...

Yesterday mum treated family to have a dinner at Kim Bali Restaurant..We have visited here last month..The food are quite nice and tasty..So we chose here again!! Hehe!!

This time I'll be the one who ordered..Hehe!! The boss is friendly and recommended some dishes for us..A plate of tit-bits was served before dinner..Overall, we have taken 6 dishes..5 out of 6 dishes are originated from different country..They are Malaysia Curry Fish Head, Jawa's Lemon Grass Chicken, Vietnamese Tau Yew Bak, Nostalgia Grab Meat Bean Curd, Stir Baby Chinese Kale and Butter Squid in HK style..

The Vietnamese Tau Yew Bak is tasty and all of us is giving a good comment on it..Hehe!! Total cost for 6 person dinner is RM142.20..Including rice, tea, ice cube(large), tit-bits and towel..It is quite reasonable..Hehe!!

I think we will visit here again..Hehe!!

Jawa's Lemon Grass Chicken - RM26.80

Malaysia Curry Fish Head - RM39.80

Stir Baby Chinese Kale In HK Style - RM9.80

Vietnamese Tau Yew Bak - RM11.80

Nostalgia Grab Meat Bean Curd - RM14.80

Butter Squid In HK Style - RM16.80


  1. Very nice meal and thanks for the invitation. Hehe.

  2. hmmm....y aunty cheong did not treat me geh? :(

  3. Haha..Don't be sad..Miss Cheong treat you la..Hehe!!