Friday, February 12, 2010

Michelangelo's Pizzeria

Last Thursday Jimmy brought me to have dinner at Michelangelo's Pizza..Hehe!! We got to know about this restaurant from one of our friend - Siew Hwa..Hehe!! I have googl-ed about Michelangelo's through their website and we decided to have a try..

When we entered, there are a lot of empty seats..Just once after we have ordered, it had been full house..Their business is really good..Hehe!!

There is a "Today Special Menu"..The name of the "Today Special" pizza is "Chicken of The Sea Special"..Hehe!! I like this name very much..Besides, they have a lot of pizza's choices, spaghetti, appetizers, dessert and beverages..And the most attractive is they have "Build Your Own Pizza" menu..Hehe!! You can choose whatever you like to put onto your pizza..Hehe!!

We have ordered Breadsticks with melted garlic butter as our appetizer (RM5.50), Italian Sausage Pizza (RM30)..For drinks, we took 100 Plus (RM3) and Espresso (RM5.50)..Hehe!!

The breadsticks are quite special..Jimmy like the melted garlic butter very much..Hehe!! The pizza is standard size and full of olives..Both of us cannot stand the taste of olives, so it is hard to comment on the pizza..:) Anyway, I saw the 2 couples besides us are taken Italian Sausage also..Hehe!!

Jimmy promised me that he will bring me to here again and have a try on their spaghetti..Hehe!! Why we did not take at that moment? It is because they serves their food in a big portion..Both of us cannot finish one time if we take pizza and spaghetti..Hehe!!

Michelangelo's Pizzeria

Espresso in a mini cup

Breadsticks with melted garlic butter

Italian Sausage

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