Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ipoh Food - Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah, Ma Chai Chee Cheong Fun & Jaya Cendol...

This time I would like to introduce some Ipoh Famous And Delicious Food..Hehe..I highly recommend them to my readers..Hehe..

Firstly, it is Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah..It has a manual "Drive Thru"..Hehe..Just like McD, you can drive through and wait to be served..There will be a staff approaches to your car and take your order..This shop is famous about Tau Fu Fah..Normally I will order "Bak Bak" (white-white) which is Tau Fu Fah serves with Soya Bean..The hot Tau Fu Fah serves with cold Soya Bean, it is really special and delicious..Hehe..

Second, I would like to introduce Restaurant Ma Chai which famous with Chee Cheong Fun..It is located at Menglembu..There are a lot of side dishes that you can choose for your Chee Cheong Fun, such as Curry Chicken, Curry Pork, Curry Pig Skin and so on..It is really nice..The price range is from RM2 to RM5..Hehe..

After that, I accidentally found that there is one cendol opposite Maybank Menglembu - Jaya Cendol which is The Best In Menglembu (I saw the banner)..I ordered one Cendol Pulut (RM1.90)..Personally, it is nice..Hehe..

I will introduce more delicious food in Ipoh next round..Hehe..

Funny Mountain

Manual Drive Thru

Bak Bak (RM0.80 per bowl)

Restaurant Ma Chai


Chee Cheong Fun

Fried Chicken

Chee Cheong Fun with Curry Pork Skin


Jaya Cendol In Newspaper

Jaya Cendol

Menu and Price List

Cendol Pulut

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