Monday, October 10, 2011

J ♥ A ♥ 1010 ♥

" Will You Marry Me? ".." I Do"..

10th Oct is my most unforgettable date..:) 

Thanks to my lovely parents and family, his lovely dad and our best friends who attended my ROM..Love you all..Muacks!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Special ROM Gifts - Photo Puzzle & Wishes Card...

Two very special gifts from all my best best friends (Ying Ying, Ngan Mei, Wai Mei, Mangga & Mieu Leng) - Photo Puzzle & Wishes Card..Hehe..

Thanks very much..We love the presents very much..:)

Card & Photo Puzzle

Surprise Gift...

From Ngan Mei

Special Couple...

Thanks to Ngan Mei..

Genting Eat, Eat & Eat Trip...

After 2 months, finally I'm back to my Fairy Tale..Hehe..

Last Saturday I went to Genting Highlands with my best best hometown friends and Jimmy..This is our first trip with all the best best friends - 6 princesses (Mangga, Ying Ying, Ngan Mei, Wai Mei, Mieu Leng & Me)..And with 3 princes - Choy, Yi Hao & Jimmy..

We are really enjoy and happy during this trip..A super fulled, super noisy, and super funny trip..Hehe..Besides, All of them gave a very special gift to Jimmy and I as our ROM's present..We love it very much..Hehe..

Thanks to Ngan Mei for the greeting card..:)
Thanks to all of you for the special gift - Photo Puzzle..:)

Friendship Forever & looking for the next trip!!

Happy Sing K..

Super Fulled Dinner