Sunday, October 31, 2010

Phottix Battery Grip For D90..

Last Friday, after a long wait, I finally got a Phottix battery grip for my D90..Hehe..After tried out, all buttons are functioning well..This battery grip can hold one or two EN-EL3e batteries or six AA batteries..

Let's go through the photos..Hehe..

Infrared Remote Control For Nikon...

Finally I received my order from EBAY last Friday which is an Infrared Remote Control for my D90..I got to know about this promotion from my colleague - Eric..It is really cheap (few bucks) yet nice and functional..Its size is quite small, just as bigger as 2 pieces of 50 cents..Hehe..

Infrared Remote Control

Size as 2 pieces of 50 cents

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Domino's Pizza @ Ipoh...

Last Saturday, it is my first time to order Domino's Pizza through online..It is simple, fast and easy..Hehe..First of all, I went to Domino's Pizza website..I registered as a member..They have GPS Tracker which keeps you up to date from the moment you place your order to the moment your pizza leaves the store..It is really professional..Hehe..

After registered, I started to order..Of course they have many choices of pizza and side orders..For more information, just click Domino's Pizza..Hehe..

Firstly, I chose Combo Deal 1 which includes 1 Regular Pizza, 1 Breadstick and 2 Can Drinks (RM27.80)..Then I chose Classic Hand Tossed for the crust..This crust was made from fresh dough using a unique oil-free screen-baking process..At the same interface, I chose Aloha Chicken as my pizza's topping..This Aloha Chicken was made of 100% mozzarella cheese with succulent shredded chicken and generous amounts of juicy pineapples..

I have added Chicken Pepperoni as extra topping which only costed RM1.75..For the side order, instead of Breadstick, I chose Banana Kaya Dessert which is a MUST try recommended by Domino..This dessert was made from oven baked with fresh banana slices,sweet pandan kaya,topped with cheese and sprinkled with icing sugar..For the drinks, I took Sprite..

Besides this, I have ordered the New Crazy Crunchies Chicken (RM8.96 after 30% off)..This offer valids for online orders only..Hehe..That's all for my orders..Total is RM38.51 wihtout any service charges and governmnet tax..Hehe..My orders were made at 2.30pm..They will deliver my orders within 30 minutes as they have the "30 Minutes Delivery Guarantee" (for certain places)..

Sharp at 3pm, the delivery boy arrived..He is very friendly and polite..After paid, he gave us a Free Pizza Voucher because he claimed that he was late..Actually he did not late as he arrived at 3pm sharp..What a good service they have!!

After that, we started our lunch..Hehe..For the pizza, it is quite nice and fresh..For the Banana Kaya Dessert, it is special and yummy!! :) Both of us like it very much..Besides, the crazy crunchies chicken is quite tasty and big portion also..Hehe..

For my readers, it is a good try at Domino's Pizza..Hehe!!

Free Pizza Voucher

Combo Deal 1

Banana Kaya Dessert

Aloha Chicken Pizza

Crazy Crunchies Chicken

Domino's Guarantee

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pangkor Island 2D1N Relaxing & Surprising Trip...

Last Saturday Jimmy and I went to Pangkor Island for a 2D1N relaxing trip..Earlier I have google-ed about the places of interest and famous food in Pangkor Island..For accommodation, we booked Vikri Beach Resort..The review of this resort is quite good..Somemore, it is just located in front of the Pasir Bogak Beach (within 100m walking distance)..So both of us would like to have a try..

Early morning, we took our breakfast in Ipoh..Then we departed our journey at 8am..About 9am, we arrived Lumut..We parked our car at the Multi Storey Covered Car Park at Lumut..Personally, this car park is quite safe if compared to others outdoor car park as I could see there are guards at every level..The parking fee is RM10 for 24 hours..

After that, we walked to Lumut Jetty..On the way to jetty from Covered Car Park, there are covered pavement for visitor..If rainy day, visitors do not have to worry to get wet..Hehe..Within 5 minutes time, we arrived Lumut Jetty..There are 3 ferry counters which are Duta Pangkor, Pan Silver Ferry and Mesra Feri..We bought 9.45am ticket..The ticket to Pangkor Island is RM10 included return way..The ticket is valid for 1 month..When we entered terminal jetty, there is a Malay lady offered us motor rental service in Pangkor..We exchanged our phone number and we will straight away get our motor at Pangkor jetty..The rental fee is RM30..

After went up to ferry, we chose upstair seat..The interior of the ferry is quite narrow..Besides, the windows are quite dirty..Around 10.30am, ferry only departed..On the way to Pangkor Island, we could see The Malaysia Royal Navy on our left..There are many military ships..There is a balcony at the stern of the ferry..We can go out for a sea breeze blowing and photoshooting..Hehe..

Covered Pavement To Lumut Jetty

Ticket Counters


Lumut Jetty

Terminal Jetty

Mesra Feri - Ferry

Lumut Jetty

Interior Of Ferry


Balcony At The Stern Of The Ferry

Military Ship

Ship Building

Around 11am, we arrived at Jetty Pangkor..We could see the trademark of Pangkor Island - Giant One Malaysia right at the Jetty Pangkor..After we walked out from jetty, there are 2 rows of people queuing up at the main entrance..Jimmy and I thought that they are passengers..Unexpectedly, they are providing motor rental service..Hehe..It is really funny..

Jetty Pangkor

Jetty Pangkor

Giant One Malaysia

Way To Pangkor Island

After that, we called up our motor rental agent..While waiting for him, we could see that a lot of motors parked at the jetty..Many of them have the key inserted..At the other side, there are a lot of Pinky Taxi (van)..Hehe..It is one of the trademark of Pangkor Island..After took our motor, we felt that the motor is quite bad condition and spoil..But, we just took it as a lesson..To my readers, I would recommend that rent a motor after you have seen it..Hehe..

Motor Rental

Pinky Taxi In Pangkor

Our Motor

Condition Quite Bad

After that, we went to feed our motor..There is a mini petrol station near Pangkor Town..We fed RM3 of petrol..Then we head to our resort..Hehe..On the way, we are quite excited and happy because it is our first time to ride motor..The feeling is really sweet..Hahaha!! I could not describe how happy am I..But it is really happy!! Hehe!!

Around 5 minutes, we arrived Vikri Beach Resort..It is just located beside the beach..The bosses of this resort are an Indian couple..They are quite friendly..After paid and got our key, we walked to our room..Our room is facing to the sea..Hehe..Our room rate is RM100..After added on the 5% government tax, total have to pay is RM105..

The interior of our room is quite simple, nice and clean..They have provided TV, soap, toilet paper, heater and air conditioner..However, the TV only showed one program which is Astro Box Office Indian Channel..For those who like to watch TV, it is quite suffer..Hehe..

Vikri Beach Resort Beside The Beach

Main Entrance

Vikri Beach Resort


Mini Fountain

Alley To Room

Standard Room

Interior Of The Room

Romantic Curtain


After put down our bags, we went to Pangkor Town to have our lunch..We came to Chiang Seng Restaurant..We ordered 2 plates of Chicken Rice (RM4.50 per plate) and 2 Herbal Tea (RM1.20 per glass)..The chicken rice is quite famous..Many artists came to try before..Hehe..Although the price is a bit higher, the food is more than enough for one person..For the food, it is normal only..Hehe..

Chiang Seng Restaurant

Chicken Rice


Herbal Tea

After eat, we went to Fu Lin Kong Temple at Sungai Pinang Besar..This temple famous of their Mini Great Wall China..There is a visitor record book..We have signed our name at that book..Hehe!! For more photos, please click HERE..

Fu Lin Kong Temple

Visitor Record Book


Then we head to Kilang Ikan Satay Hai Seng Hin at Sungai Pinang Kecil..We bought some snacks and we had a glimpse on the processing of Ikan Satay..

Kilang Ikan Satay Hai Seng Hin

Big Octopus

Marketing Place

After this, we accidentally saw a Look Out Point Tower..I quite excited and went up to take a look at the sea..Hehe..We took a lot of photos at there..Then we head to Dutch Fort which located at Teluk Gedung..On the way, we saw Eng Seng Pangkor Food Industry and Trading..We dropped down to take a look..There are more choices at here if compared to Hai Seng Him..Hehe..

Look Out Point Tower

A Narrow Ladder

Nice Sea View

Then we reached Dutch Fort..There is a history about this Dutch Fort. For more information, please visit Dutch Fort..Hehe..Within 500m, there is a historical Tiger Rock..We did not stop by and take any photo as it is really hot..We would like to back to resort to take a rest..Hehe!!

Dutch Fort

Kota Belanda


Overview Of Dutch Fort

Aishah Craft

After that, we went back to our resort..We took a rest and head to Teluk Nipah Beach..Hehe..The road to Teluk Nipah is quite winding and there are a lot of steep hills..We have to be careful while going to Teluk Nipah from Pasir Bogak..When we reached Teluk Nipah, they are renovating along the beach..Eventually, it is not a right time to stay at Teluk Nipah at the moment as it is noisy and the beach is quite dirty..

We went to Lin Je Kong Temple..It is located opposite to the Giam Island..The Giam Island is famous for snorkeling..We took a lot of photos at here..Hehe..Of course, I be the model..Hehe..

Lin Je Kong Temple

Beach View

Giam Island

We stayed there for almost one hour..Then we went back to our resort..After a bath, we walked to the beach..From Pasir Bogak, we could see the famous world class of Pangkor Laut Resort..It is just opposite to Pasir Bogak..We stayed at the beach till the sunset..Both of us observed the sunset at Pasir Bogak..It is really amazing and nice..Hehe..For more photos, please click HERE..

Famous World Class Of Pangkor Laut Resort

Pasir Bogak Beach

A Playing Tyre

Kid Playing At The Beach

Beautiful Sunset


After that, we went to Pasir Bogak Restaurant which just opposite to the Coral Bay Resort..I knew about this restaurant through Cari Forum..Hehe..After went through the menu, we ordered Seafood Seaweed Soup (RM5), Homemade Taufu (RM8), Butter & Sugar Mantis Prawn (RM10), 2 plain rice (RM1 each) and 2 chinese tea (RM0.50 each)..For the food, it is yummy and big portion..It is really worth for money..Hehe..

Chinese Tea

Seafood Seaweed Soup

Homemade Taufu


Butter and Sugar Mantis Prawn

After eat, we went back to our resort..Earlier, I planned to buy beer but finally we did not buy..Unexpectedly, Jimmy gave me a surprise..He brought a red wine and glasses..I was so surprise and excited..Hehe..Both of us enjoyed the red wine in front of our room..Hehe..We had a great time at there..We had a roomate during that night which is an unique Gecko..Hehe..Its skin is reddish white..We could clearly see its spot over the body..

Red Wine and Glasses

Unique Gecko

The next morning, we went to Pangkor Town to have breakfast..The air is really fresh while we are going to Pangkor Town..Hehe..We came to one of the restaurant..I did not take the photo..Hehe..I ordered Seafood Bihun Soup (RM3.80) while Jimmy took "Smooth Egg River" (RM4.50)..For the drinks, I ordered coffee (RM1.30) and Jimmy took Herbal Tea (RM1.20)..The food is quite okie..Hehe..

After eat, we went back to resort to check out..When we reached jetty, we just parked the motor and left..Hehe..I think it is their business style..Then we went up ferry and left Pangkor Island..This time we did not sit..We went out to the balcony to take photos..Hehe..About 30 minutes, we reached Lumut Jetty..We walked to Multi Storey Parking to take our car..The fee is RM11.60 because we parked there more than 24 hours..Hehe..

Our 2D1N Pangkor Relaxing Trip had been finished happily..Hehe..Thanks to Jimmy for this trip and the surprises that you have done for me..Hehe!! It is really memorable..Can we visit Pangkor Island again?? :)

Herbal Tea & Coffee

Seafood Bihun Soup

Smooth Egg River