Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cocooon Dining @ Greentown Ipoh..

Last Saturday my family, Jimmy and I went to Cocooon Dining to have dinner..I know about this cafe from one of my favourite food blog - Motormouth..

The interior of this cafe quite nice..It is neat and clean..The decoration of the light, design of wallpaper, dining table and cushion, all is matching with each other..Giving me a comfortable and relax feelings..

After went through the menu, Jimmy told me that all the prices are in Dollar($) instead of Ringgit Malaysia (RM)..Hehe..Of course, it is a joke from him..Nevertheless, they should list as RM instead of $ as it is one of the rules of business..:)

Before we ordered, the waitress served us sky juice..The sky juice is free..Hehe..I ordered BBQ Chicken (RM15.90), Cheesy Garlic Bread (RM4.90) and Clams Chowder (RM6.90)..Jimmy recommended Clams Chowder to me as he had eaten at US before..Hehe..Dad took Lamb Shoulder (RM18.90) whereas BB took Fish & Chip (RM11.90) and Orange Juice (5.90)..Mum as usual does not want to order..Hehe..We ordered Green Tea (RM3.90) for her..

Overall, all the food is acceptable and big portion..For my BBQ Chicken, it is normal as roastered chicken..:) For the Clams Chowder, it is really nice..:) BB and I love it very much..Dad commented that the Lamb Shoulder is normal yet acceptable..

For the Green Tea, I had misunderstood ..I thought that it serves with a pot instead of a glass..:) RM3.90 for a small glass of Green Tea, it is quite expensive for me..

Total expenses for that night is RM71.70..With a 5% of service charge..The services here is quite good..For me, 5% is acceptable..:)

Cocooon Dining

Mushroom Utensils

Nice & Neat

Cheesy Garlic Bread (RM4.90)

Clams Chowder (RM6.90)

Lamb Shoulder (RM18.90)

Fish & Chip (RM11.90)

BBQ Chicken (RM15.90)

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