Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 13...~Crystal Mooncake~...Trial

Two weeks later will be the "Moon-cake Festival"..Hehe!!

I have planned to make moon-cake for him..Hehe!! But I do not know how to make the traditional moon-cake..
So how am I going to do?? Hehe!! I planned to make Crystal Moon-cake aka Agar-Agar Moon-cake..I searched some info from internet..There is quite complicated for the making steps..Hehe!! However, I would like to have a try..Hehe!!

Mum and I had a try few days ago..But we are failed..This time I would try by myself..Hehe!! Firstly, I boiled water..Then I poured agar-agar powder and sugar..When it is boiled, I turned the fire into small heat..At the same time, I started to make the fillings..I made Milo flavor and Coffee flavor for the fillings..After the fillings are fully become jelly, I took it out from the mould to ready-use.

Next I made the top pastry..I poured some agar-agar into mould (about 1/3) and wait for it to freeze at the first layer ..This step is quite important because if the top pastry is fully become jelly, the bottom pastry will unable to "paste" with the top skin..As the result, there will be 3 different layers of moon-cake..After that, I filled the mould with agar-agar and wait for it to freeze..When it is fully become jelly, I put into fridge for ready-eat..Hehe!!

My homemade Crystal Moon-Cakes look yummy but lack of sugar taste..Hehe!! Anyway, it is my trial..I will make it better in the next..I am quite satisfied with my result..Hehe!!

Milo Fillings

Moon-cake Fillings

First Layer and Fillings

Squared Crystal Moon-Cake

Rounded Crystal Moon-Cake



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