Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 14...~Portuguese Tart~

I would like to make Portuguese Tart for long time..Just I don't have the tart mould and I quite lazy to buy..Hehe!! Finally I bought 5 and costs RM1.20 each..Quite reasonable price..Hehe!!

Supposed I would like to make 10 Portuguese Tart..Unfortunately, the cake shop's boss gave me 50g of UHT whipping cream instead of 100g..Finally I could only make 5..For the pastry, I bought it from cake shop..Hehe..I will try to make the pastry next time..Hehe!! For the fillings, it is easy to make..

Finally, my Portuguese Tart is done.. The outlook is looks like those sell at cake shop..Hehe!! For the taste...Hehe!! It is still need to be improved..

Some of my friends commented that it is less sweet..If more sweet, it is more nice..Hehe!! I will try to add more sugar next time..I have received an idea from Jimmy which is paste some fruits jam above the fillings, it is more nice.. Hehe!! Thanks for the idea..

Portuguese Tart

"Look" Delicious

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  1. Taste good although less sugar. Like it very much. Thanks ya..hehe..