Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Surprising Taiping Trip...

I thought a normal breakfast will do, an ordinary day will do, a normal walk walk will do...BUT...

I am so surprise....
A normal breakfast became a warmest and sweetest "love heart" breakfast...
An ordinary day but fulled of surprise and happiness - A happy trip to Taiping
A normal walk walk became an enjoyable walk in Taiping Zoo and Taiping Lake

We have our "love heart" breakfast in car nearby Taiping Lake which is prepared by him..It is so touch!! Thanks ya!! After that, we visited Taiping Zoo..Taiping Zoo entrance fee for adult is RM12..In my opinion, it is quite expensive..I went there on 1st of July 2007..It is just RM5 for adult..They doubled up the entrance fee within 2 years..

We took our lunch at one famous food court which is near The Store..Food are not tasty as the info we searched from internet..Anyway, it is a good try!!

Thanks to my lovely Yi Xiu for giving me a surprise..Thanks for brought me to a trip..Hehe!!
It is so enjoyable and happy!!

Taiping Lake

"Love Heart" Breakfast - Photo Taken by Jimmy (Nice Shot)

Zoo Central..

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  1. Hope you had an enjoyable day on that day. Price of the admission is not a question, the meaning of being together is priceless. Hehe...