Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Penang Trip

I have planned for about two weeks for my 2D1N "Happy Penang Trip"..Hehe!! Suppose it is a big surprise for HIM..Haiz, finally he knew about it..FAILED again!! Sometimes I felt that I am so st*p*d..Don't know how to pretend and communicate wisely..Anyway, it is an enjoyable and unforgettable trip for us..Hehe!! Do you agree?

We drove AFU to Penang..cross the Penang bridge..Our first station is Penang Hill..There are a lot of people and we are forced to buy 12pm ticket..At that moment, it was just 10.30am..So we went to Kek Lok Si first..Drove to the uppermost of Kek Lok Si..It is required RM2 for parking fee..Anyway, we treated it as a donation..We stayed there for 20 minutes only..After that, we went to second upper of Kek Lok Si..It is required RM2 for parking fee again..It is just a distance within 2km, they request for another Rm2 for parking fee..We did not drop there because nothing special at there..We concluded that they have a "brilliant" business mind..

Penang Bridge

Kek Lok Si

Then, we backed to Penang Hill..It was quite hot..So we went to a Mini Muzuem to have a look and cool down ourselves while waiting for our train..At 11.45am, the ticket-keeper allowed us to enter although our ticket is 12pm..Their system is quite messy..They allowed visitor to get into the train without manage properly..The train is so compact..Just put in visitor without count it properly..Quite suffer to stand in a crowded train with the air flow is not good..

During the going up way, we saw a lot of trees and few parts of Penang view..About 1/4 journey, there is an interchange railway..When reached 1/2 journey, we changed to another train..After 3/4 journey, we crossed under a tunnel which built on 1922..Finally, we reached top of the Penang Hill..It just used up 25 minutes..We took few pictures at there..The view of Penang is nice but there is a lot of haze..It spoilt our pictures..We took a walk at there and watched "Snake Show"..We stayed around 20 minutes then took a ride down to hill..

Penang Hill Entrance

Mini Muzuem

Railway Interchange

Our next station is so called famous "Te Chang Yau Cha Gui"..An Indonesian girl took our order..Her service and attitude are very BAD..We WILL NOT recommend to our friends..Some more, the food is normal and nothing special..It is quite oily too..

Te Chang Yau Cha Gui with Chicken Floss & Mayonnaise

We went to downhill of Kek Lok Si to buy "Biscuit Tambun"..I call it as "Dragon Ball Biscuit"..Hehe!! The shop name is "Seng Heang Biscuit Tambun"..My cube mate Pat and my mum strongly recommend it..The biscuit are nice and tasty..

Biscuit Tambun


After that, we went to Padang Brown's Food Court to have lunch..I have been there since I was baby..Hehe!! My parents like there very much..We like to eat the "Yang Tau Fu"..We called it as "Big Wok Food"..Supposed we have the famous Cendol at Penang Road..Finally we took it at this food court..They are more or less the same..Just there is more famous for visitors..

Padang Brown's Food Court

Yang Tau Fu & Cendol

Then, I drove to check in - Tanjung Bungah Beach Resort..Unfortunately, I am too concentrated to chat with Jimmy..Hehe!! I did not realize that I missed out the hotel..I just realized when I almost reached Batu Ferringgi..So paiseh!!

Arrived hotel, the hotel lobby is facing to its own beach..It is quite refreshing and nice view..After we checked in, we found that the room is not as good as what we have searched through online..Not a 4 or 3 1/2 stars hotel..Just a normal 3 stars hotel..Anyway, we took a rest then walked down to the beach..

Beach View

Small Island


Around 6.30pm, we went to Gurney Drive to have our dinner..We have ordered so many Penang local foods, such as Laksa, Chao Kuey Teow, Chee Cheong Fun, Dumpling, Fried Oyster, Sushi, Roasted Cutter Fish and Ma Chi..Unfortunately, we did not take any pictures of them..What a waste!! Hehe!! I would like to apologize to Jimmy because I left him for quite a long time while I went for buy foods..Hehe!! Paiseh!!

After that, we walked at Gurney Shopping Mall..We went to Cold Storage to buy mineral water..We are so lucky because finally we found the glass bottled Coke..We hope to get it for quite a long time!! It is imported from Thailand..We hope to get those are made in Malaysia..Anyway, He bought for me one..Thanks ya, Jimmy!! Hehe!!

Coke in glass bottle

The next day morning, we took our buffet breakfast at cafe..It is quite nice to have breakfast with the morning sun and sea view..Hehe!! So relax and enjoyable..After that, we packed and checked out..

We went to Sleeping Buddha Temple and "Lifting Buddha" Temple..At "Lifting Buddha" Temple, there is a monk who sprays water to prayer while praying..We took part in it and he tied a "Buddhist Tali" for us..After that, we rode Ferry to leave Penang Island..

I am so happy and enjoy during this trip..Hehe!! Thanks ya!!


  1. I enjoyed myself very much throughout the whole trip. Thanks for a nice trip.

    p/s - you owe me a lot 50 cents. Hahaha...

  2. You are so welcome..Oh, no problem..Pay you later..Hehe!!