Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 27...~Spaghetti Bolognese & Mushroom Soup~

Last Saturday, I decided to cook Spaghetti Bolognese for my lovely Jimmy as lunch..Hehe..The night before Jimmy accompanied me to Tesco to buy ingredients..I was quite excited as this is my second time to prepare lunch for him..Recalled my first time, it was messy yet happy..Hehe..

Abbie's Today Special
Appetizer - Pastry Mushroom Soup
Main Course - Spaghetti Bolognese
Drinks - Milo Ice

Firstly, I prepared the appetizer - Pastry Mushroom Soup..I took the recipe from one of my favorite blog..Hehe..I opened the Campbell's Mushroom Soup, cooked it with 1 can of water until boiled..After that, I poured the soup into 2 bowls and used pastry to cover the bowls..The step of using pastry to cover the bowl is very hard for me..I have spoilt 2 pastries when I am stretching it..Hehe..Before cover with pastry, I brushed some egg yolk around the mouth of bowl..Then baked at 160°C for 10 minutes..After 10 minutes, I took out from oven and washed the pastry with egg yolk and baked for another 10 minutes..

Campbell's Mushroom Soup

The Process Of Making Mushroom Soup

Filled Into Bowl

Covered With A Pastry

Washed With Egg Yolk


While waiting for the soup to be done, I started to cook Spaghetti..My mum helped me to cut the chicken meat into small pieces early in the morning as I don't dare to touch raw meat..Hehe..Thanks to my lovely mum..I cut 2 pieces of Black Pepper Chicken Frankfurter and Broccoli into small slices..

After that, I heated oil in the wok..Firstly, I cooked chicken meat until it is almost done then I added on Swallow Mushroom and Chicken Frankfurter..I cooked until all is well done..At this moment, I added the Spaghetti Tomato Sauce , Water, Cheese and simmered for 5 minutes..

Next, I boiled one bowl of water..When the water is boiled, I put the spaghetti and boiled until it became soft..After spaghetti is ready, I washed it with "cold water" and added some cooked oil into it so that it will not stick together..Again, I boiled one bowl of water to cook the Broccoli..After cooked, the color of Broccoli is so greenly..Hehe..Looked like very delicious..Hehe..

Finally, I prepared Milo Ice whereas Jimmy was so busy to take photos..Hehe..He served all the food nicely into the plates..Suddenly he told me that something had been left out..I wondered what actually we had left out? He told me that we left out candles as this is our "Candle Light Lunch"..Hahaha..How funny he is!!

At last, we started our lunch..We tasted Pastry Mushroom Soup..It is really special and yummy yet abit salty..I think that it is because I added a piece of cheese into the soup..Hehe..For the main course - Spaghetti Bolognese, it is delicious..The softness of Spaghetti is just "ngam ngam" soft..Hehe..However, the tomato sauce abit sour..If served it together with spaghetti, it is just nice..Hehe..

I quite satisfied with my mission this time..It is "Mission Impossible" for me..As I am not a good cooker at all in terms of dishes..Well, I will give myself 8 out of 10..Hehe..

Jimmy, how many marks should I get? Hehehe..Just minus out my action of "HuHuHu"..I think I still can get more than 5, right? Hahaha..

Arbella Spaghetti


Boiling Spaghetti

Washed With Cold Water

Cooked Chicken Meat

Swallow Mushroom and Chicken Frankfurter

Tomato Sauce

Added Cheese

Ready Served

Boiled Broccoli

Abbie-Licious Special Lunch


Mushroom Soup



  1. Hehe...I give you 7 points for the food and 2 points for your great effort. The remaining 1 point is for me coz I helped you all the way. Hahaha. Thanks for a priceless lunch!!! :)

  2. Jimmy,

    Thanks for your review..Wow, I could get 9 out of 10..I am so happy and appreciate..You are welcome! It is my pleasure to cook for you..Hehe..