Monday, May 18, 2009

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 2...~Custard~

Last last Saturday we had our lunch at Old Town..I encountered he likes to eat custard..I suddenly made a decision to make custard for him..Hehe!!

I found some recipes from internet..I followed one of the recipe and started my mission..After about one hour, my result is came out..Its outlook is so smooth..The upper layer did not "dent" at all..Then, I put into fridge to freeze it..

After few hours, Jimmy and I tried it..I am so sorry because I do not like to eat egg so I felt not nice and the taste very "seang"..Hehe!! Jimmy felt weird too at first and requested to add on honey..After add on honey, he is commented that just like those which sell at the restaurant..Haha!! I am so happy..Thanks for praising again!!

Mission - Done Successfully!!

Anyone who interest on this custard recipe? Haha!!


  1. Not only I said nice, even my dad (got 1 extra, so I treat it to my dad) said it is nice. Just like old days when his granma (my great granma) made. Nice recipe. Hehe.

  2. Haha..Thanks to your dad..
    Wah, I ma become your great grandma?
    "Ng Hai Gua"..

  3. looking good.. =) i also want lemon cheese cake and egg + honey custard when i come back next time =)

    tasted the bro's lemon cheese cake recipe few years back. wonder how's the sister's one doing =)

  4. Haha..Thanks for comment..
    There is no problem..I am ready to make for you..

    Wah, he did for you? Hehe..
    Don't put your expectation so high first..Just a normal lemon cheese cake will do..Hehe!!