Monday, February 14, 2011

AIPO AP-38EX Dry Cabinet (38L)..

Today is Valentine's Day..Hehe..I would like to wish all my readers especially my lovely Jimmy - Happy Valentine's Day!!

I got a surprise from him..Hehe..He gave me a big present..It is really big and heavy..Guess what is that?? It is AIPO AP-38EX Dry Cabinet (38L)..

AIPO Dry Cabinet has low power consumption..It consumes only 5 Watts which is equivalent to less than 30 cents per month in electricity bill..It makes use of the cooling and thermal performance of semi-conductor wafers for raising its heat-sinking capability..It is characterized as energy saving, noiselessness and rapid dehumidification..

Thanks to my lovely Jimmy..Hehe..I like the present very much!!

AIPO Dry Cabinet

LCD Display

Lockable Door

LED Light

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