Sunday, January 31, 2010

Greentown Moven Peak...

Last Saturday Jimmy and I went to Greentown Moven Peak to have our lunch..Hehe!! I like this restaurant much..The environment of this restaurant quite nice..Giving me a nice and relax feelings at here..Hehe!!

We took a table which is same as the one we sat at the first time visit..Hehe!! After look through the menu, Jimmy ordered a set lunch (RM10.90) which included the soup of the day, seafood fried rice, coffee and ice cream..And I chose Vermicelli Chicken Ginger Soup (RM7) and warm water (RM0.50)..

After 15 minutes, our meals are served..The food is more than enough for one person..Hehe!!It is really worth..Hehe!! In my opinion, the food is nice and acceptable..Hehe!! It is a good try at here..There are 5 % service charge and 5 % government tax for the bill..Frankly, I am disagree for those restaurants which collect service charge and government tax..Unless their service is really good..Hehe!!

Chinese New Year's Decorations..

Soup of the day..

Seafood Fried Rice..

Vanilla Ice Cream..

Vermicelli Chicken Ginger Soup

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