Monday, November 30, 2009

Ng@n Mei & @bbie's Birthday Celebration @ Folie Folie

Last Sunday my best friends organized a Birthday Celebration Party for Ngan Mei and I at Folie Folie..Hehe!! Ying Ying got some info from her friends about this cafe..There are good comments from some blogger and even newspaper..Hehe!! So we decided to have a try..

Jimmy and I were late for 1 and a 1/2 hours because we have something to do..Hehe!! After reached, we started to order our lunch..I took Chicken Chop with black pepper sauce whereas Jimmy ordered Grilled Fish..For drinks, we took tea pot of Earl Grey (Jimmy tried before and commented that it is nice)..We were told by the waitress that they are having a promotion..For every western main course order, there is a 30% deduction for Häagen-Dazs ice cream ( for one scoop)..After deduction, the price is RM5.60 per scoop..We had ordered one scoop..(I forgot the flavor that I chose but the flavor I took is high recommended by the waitress)

While waiting for the meal, I brought my homemade Mini Doggies Crunch for my friends to try..Hehe!! I have received some good comments from them..Hehe!! After wait for 10 minutes, our meals are served..For the grilled fish, the mango sauce is quite special but the volume is only for 60% full whereas the chicken chop, the taste is just comparable to others normal cafe..Hehe!! After that, our dessert is served..It is so attractive..Hehe!! I have added some marks for the outlook of our dessert..Hehe!!

Let's scroll down to take a look with the foods and drinks..Hehe!!

Folie Folie

Earl Grey Tea

Grilled fish with veges and mango sauce

Black pepper chicken chop


After finished our lunch, they are preparing for the birthday cakes..Hehe!! They bought two 1/2 kg cakes for Ngan Mei and I..Really thanks to their well planning..Hehe!! We sang birthday song together in English and Chinese version..Hehe!! Other customers were "paused" on their action to take a look on us..It is because we are quite noisy and "grand" since we have 2 cakes for a Birthday celebration..Hehe!!

After that, we took a lot of photos..Hehe!! All of us finished one slice of fruits cake whereas Ah Choy forced to finish one quarter..Hehe!! He is quite pity..Hehe!! Anyway, heard from Mangga, he is "affordable"..Then, we chit chat for awhile and left around 4.30pm..

Thanks for Ying Ying, Wai Mei, Mangga & Choy for the meals and cakes..I am so appreciating with what you all have planned for us..Really thanks so much..Cheers!!!

Birthday cakes and red eggs..

Best friends..


Beauties & Christmas Tree

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 18...~Mini Doggies Crunch~

I freeze my oven for almost 1 week..Hehe!! Finally I have baked "Mini Doggies Crunch" last night (around midnight)..Hehe!!

I got this Doggies Crunch recipe from one of my hang out blogs..Hehe..It is so cute and attractive..Some more, it is easy to make..Hehe!! I have used Coco Crunch as the ears of doggies, chocolate rice as its eyes and chocolate chip as its mouth..

The first trial plate is failed because it is over-baked..So I tried to change the baking temperature from 180 to 150 for 20 minutes..The rest are done successfully..Hehe!!

I am quite satisfied with my homemade Mini Doggies Crunch..Hehe!! Jimmy and some of my friends are commented that it is tasty..Hehe!! Yeah!! Thanks for the comments oh..

Updated Recipe (Requested by some of my friends):

200g Butter
80g Horlicks
200g Top Flour
25g Corn Flour
25g Milk Powder
3 tablespoon castor sugar

Chocolate rice
Chocolate chips
Coco Crunch

1) Sift the flour, cornflour and milk powder.
2) Beat the butter and sugar.
3) Add the sifted flour and Horlicks and mix the mixture to form a dough.
4) Divide dough into 10g each.
5) Insert 2 pieces of Coco Crunch to form the ears, 2 pieces of chocolate rice as the eyes and 1 chocolate chip as the mouth.
6) Bake at 180 degree Celsius for about 20 minutes. (I bake at 150 degree Celsius for about 20 minutes)
7) Cool before storing.

Ingredients to make Mini Doggies Crunch

Ready to bake

First plate failed

Tasty and cute....

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Abbie's H@ppy Big D@y...

Today is my Big Day..Happy Birthday to me..Hehe!!

Firstly, thanks to Jimmy, all of my friends and colleagues for the birthday wishes..I am very happy because you all remember my birthday..Hehe!!

At night, Jimmy brought me to JJ to celebrate my birthday..Hehe!! This time is only both of us..Hehe!! Sweet sweet!! Once we entered JJ, he told me that he need to collect something..We approached to Flower Shop ( His friend - Ah Lam's workplace) and his friend gave me a bunch of love-heart shaped balloons..It was wrapped nicely with colourful paper..Hehe!! I am so shy but happy and surprise..Hehe!! Thanks to my lovely Jimmy and his friend..

After that, we decided to have dinner at Pizza Hut..Unfortunately, it was crowded by people..So we changed our mind to KFC..Hehe!! We enjoyed the dinner..Hehe!! Jimmy left for awhile while I am still eating..He went to buy BR ice cream..Hehe!! The chocolate mint is tasty and yummy..We compared it with Side Walk ice cream..We concluded that the taste is almost the same but the price is double up at BR..Hehe!!

Once in a blue moon, it is a nice try for the BR ice cream..Hehe!! Again, thanks to Jimmy..Arhh, almost forget..Hehe!! Jimmy, thanks for your Birthday Song..Hehe!! It is so special and UNIQUE..I just know that you are good in piano also..Hehe!!

BR Ice Cream..


"Sweet Sweet Love-Hearts" Balloons..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beijing Trip Souvenirs ...

I received some Beijing Trip souvenirs from Uncle Chan..Hehe!! There are Crystal ornament with light, snack produced locality Beijing, wooden comb and so on..Jimmy said that I got the heaviest souvenir among all..Guess what? It is crystal ornament with light..Hehe!!

Thanks to Uncle Chan and Jimmy..Hehe!! :)


Crystal with light

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Surprise Birthday Party @ My Point...

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! It is so surprising for me..Jimmy had organized a birthday party for me at My Point..

He reached my house while I am beating cream cheese (I am making Tiramisu)..I rushed to go out for lunch since he said that he is hungry..So I just put away my half-made Tiramisu..I went out with untidy hair and "cincai" wear because I have not enough time to get ready..Some more, I don't know there is a "surprise" awaiting for me..Hehe!!

After reached My Point, I saw Ying Ying, Mangga and Mei are there..I was so surprised because Ying Ying told me that they will have appointment for facial today..But why they are here?? First came to my mind - Jimmy gang up with them to give me a surprise birthday celebration..Hehe!! Jimmy is so naughty..

After chit chat for awhile, there are still surprises coming..Hehe!! My colleague Pang Huei, Eric and his wife Pui Ling also came for my birthday party..Hehe!! I am so happy and unexpected..I could not anticipate Jimmy had planned all this..I am so touched of what he had done for me..After finished our lunch, waitress came with a chocolate cake..It is another surprise..Hehe!! Secret Recipe Chocolate Indulgence cake with one candle..Hehe!!

They all sang a birthday song for me..Hehe!! I blew off the candle quickly until I forgot to make a wish..They could not stop me because my action is super fast..Haiz, I was too excited and happy until I didn't know what I am doing..Hehe!! After that, we enjoyed the Chocolate Indulgence..It is a nice cake..Just melted abit because the freezer is not good enough..Hehe!!

Again, thanks to you all for attending my birthday party.. :) I like the presents from you all..Thanks!!

For my lovely Jimmy, thanks for giving me a surprising birthday party..I am so touched, thankful and happy..It is so enjoyable and memorable..Thanks for your well planning to let this mini birthday party successfully done..Thanks for your cake and everything..HeHe!! It is a big present for me on my 25th Birthday..:)

~You always light up my life and make me happy~ :) I am forever grateful for each thing you did for me..

My Lovely Jimmy

Best Friends...

Colleagues & Jimmy

Secret Recipe - Chocolate Indulgence cake from Jimmy

Lantern Candle from Pang Huei

Sweater from best friends

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fishing @ Air Kuning & Gopeng

Last Sunday Jimmy and I woke up early and decided to have our breakfast at Foo San Dim Sum..Unfortunately, that day was not our day..Foo San Dim Sum is closed..We decided to eat at Ming Kok..But, most of the restaurants there were packed by people..Finally we changed our mind to Old Town..

In front of Foo San Dim Sum, we saw a bicycle was crowded by people..Jimmy was curious and took a look at it..There was a guy who is knocking something in a big plate with a small hammer..Hehe!! What is so special?? He is selling "Ding Ding Candy"..Jimmy said that not much people who know how to make "Ding Ding Candy" nowadays..Hehe!! So, we bought one pack to try..It is not cheap also..Rm4 per pack with 2 flavour - original and mint..We chose original..The taste is not bad..Hehe!!

After filled up our stomach, we went to a fish accessories shop to buy some fishhooks..Hehe!! We got an idea from the boss..That is try to prepare the fish bait like grapes size instead of big bomb as what my dad did..Hehe!! Then, we met my dad and departed to Air Kuning fish pond..

On the way to Air Kuning, Jimmy was forced agitated by a Waja..He pasted him closely..Hope the seafood driver took this as a lesson learned..If not, he sure in trouble on the next if face the same case..

Finally we reached Air Kuning, dad and his friend are setting up..Jimmy and I also took part..Jimmy prepared the grapes bait while I am taking photos..Hehe!! After 20 minutes, we started to fishing..After a long time, all of our fishing rods are still "silent"..No fish at all..Suddenly, Jimmy's fishing rod is shaking..Hehe!! He got a "Lamban fish"..Hehe!! Just as big as my palm..Haha!!

After 2 hours, we still hit nothing so we decided to go to Gopeng..After reached Gopeng fish pond, it was raining..The rain could not spoil our mood at all..Hehe!! We set-up quickly and started to fishing..Just a 5 minutes later, we hit a fish..Haha!!

We went back around 7.15pm with plenty of fishes..Hehe!! I took second place for this time fishing..Hehe!!

Ding Ding Candy

Grapes Bait

Fishing Rods are parking..

Mini Lambang Fish

Thursday, November 5, 2009

~Old Master Q & Big Potato Bobble Head Dolls~Special Edition

It was an ordinary afternoon..When I went back to my cubical, I saw there are two very cutie dolls on my table..Hehe!! First came to my mind, surprise from Jimmy!! Hehe!! Thanks ya, my lovely Jimmy..I like these dolls very very much..Especially they are Old Master Q and Big Potato..Hehe!!

The moment when I saw these two dolls - Old Master Q and Big Potato, I was so excited and happy..They are so cute and their head is shaking when I touched them..Hehe!! Some of my colleagues were attracted by these two dolls when walked by my cubical..Hehe!!

The size of Old Master Q is 7 inches whereas Big Potato is 5 inches..They are really cute..Some more, they are really fine piece of handwork..Not just like those "pirated" and "cincai" hand-made dolls..Hehe!! If there is a rate for these toys, my rate is 9.5/10..Hehe!! The 0.5 is for the box because it is a bit crumpled..Hehe!!

Jimmy told me that it is worth because they are imported from Hong Kong and there are serial number stickers pasted outside of the box..He said around 50 bucks for two included shipping cost..Hehe!! Besides, they are special edition build for celebrating the Old Master Q 45 Anniversary..Hehe!!

Again, thanks for your surprise present, Jimmy..:)

Let's find out how cute they are..Hehe!!

Old Master Q & Big Potato