Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ab's Cooking Journey...Part 5...~Cheese Crunch~

Cheese Crunch..My surprise for Jimmy during Penang trip..Unfortunately, he knew about it because of my "careless" and finally the surprise gone..Some more, my homemade cheese crunch failed because it is lack of sweet taste..:(

Cheese Crunch - 50% successful

I made my homemade cheese crunch after work..Unexpected that it is consumed time..I made until sleepy..:(

Why 50% successful? Firstly, the sugar I used is coarse sugar instead of fine sugar..Came out the sugar is not melted completely with the butter..They are like crystal floating on the crunch..Second, it is supposed to shape it round before press it with a fork..I overlooked the step and just took a pinch of mixture with my fingers instead of shape it round..So the shapes of cheese crunch are not balance..

My oven is quite small..Everytime only can bake around 12 pieces of cheese crunch..It is consumed time..I have baked around 6 times..During baking, it is so "wangi"..I have tried one after first bake, it is crisp and "wangi" but no sweet taste..My parents tried also and commented no sweet taste besides crisp..Haiz, quite disappointed about it..

Luckily, Jimmy is encouraging me..Hehe!! Thanks ya!! It is a good lesson learn that I have..Next time should read the procedures clearly..

Ingredients for Cheese Crunch

Before put into oven

Homemade Cheese Crunch

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  1. The sweetness level is good enough for some people. I think it is good enough for a light snack. It is very tasty and not just me who ssaid so. Hehe..