Friday, March 12, 2010

Nikon D3000 Kit...

Finally, I have bought my first DSLR..Hehe!! I have struggled for a quite long time about which DSLR should I take..For a beginner, I should take Canon 450D, Nikon D3000 or Canon 1000D? Hehe..

After discussed with jimmy, I took Nikon D3000 finally..Hehe!! Frankly, it is actually my prior
choice..Hehe!! We are quite lucky because we can get this at a reasonable price..Hehe!! 7 items in one price..I think that it is quite acceptable..Hehe!! Jimmy agreed too..

7 items include Nikon D3000 kit, 8GB memory card, filter, screen protector, Nikon bag, Skyline standard bag & bag pack (2 in 1) and Steinzeiser tripod..Hehe!!

I will start my "abbiegraphy" at below link..Hehe!! Just check it out!!

Nikon D3000 with Kit Lens

Another view..

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